Yucky day

It’s only 8am! It’s overcast and rainy outside. I went over my calories yesterday by 650 so I feel yucky today. I can’t wait to get to the gym and work some of this off! It’s going to be 77 degrees here too which for you guys in the metric system, that’s 25 Celsius!

My son is at school, my dog is back at her regular vet for her teeth cleaning, and my mom wants me to help her around the house today since I don’t have a job until 6pm tonight. See why it’s a yucky day yet?

I’m about to take my vitamins and climb up into my moms attic to pull down all these decorations to sell. At least she’s finally willing to part with things. Now let’s just hope she doesn’t buy more to replace it all. That’s my prayer. More stuff keeps showing up so I am very nervous. At least it’s like ribbon and clothes and not more big crap that she has nowhere to put it. She gave away an antique gun chest so I’m a bit upset by that. I probably could have sold it for around $5,000. It’s from the early 1900’s. She keeps doing this but they are technically hers so I can’t say anything. It’s frustrating though.

This is a similar trunk on the Home Depot website that is new and for sale but hers was VERY old.

I did not work out yesterday. I worked out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so yesterday was my day off. I will be going today and literally can’t wait since it will get me out of here for a couple hours.

In case you wanted to know, my podiatrist (awesome doctor that he is), said I can walk again, just not on a treadmill. He said it’s hard on my sensitive feet and if I want to walk, go ahead and do it outside. He cut some callouses on my feet and told me to get better tennis shoes. I left there and went to New Balance and paid $189 for “better” tennis shoes. 😤

I do have to admit they are pretty comfy and do not slip when I walk like the Sketchers were doing. So we shall see how they do at the gym today. I Am working tonight in them. They aren’t very stylish but they had grey or navy and I figured navy wouldn’t go with everything black I wear so I chose the grey. The sales guy was nice enough to tell me to come back and let him know how they are working. Not that I will unless they are just horrible, but it was a nice thought. Shout out to Roland at the New Balance Galleria location for the help.

So I guess I need to go ahead and help her out. I’m not really looking forward to crawling around the attic for her crap but she can’t be going in there!

Have a great day. I’m sure it will be better than I think around here.

24 thoughts on “Yucky day

  1. I think it’s awesome your helping your mom out. Be careful crawling around up there you just got your foot a little better but I’m digging the shoes and I know they are pricey but new balance does tend to make shoes built to last awhile so it’s an investment.lol. Have a great day!

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      1. Wow, that’s not bad that probably means you will get more with a little cleaning and not wearing them all the time ya know. I don’t think I could move in with my mom we are just so alike we would kill each other.lol

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  2. congrats on your being able to walk again and best wishes in your healing and working out – oh and in the “not replacing” the stuff that gets sold – it can be so hard – memories get attached and some folks just like their things – so we get it- but there is that freedom in letting go to – eh?

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  3. Yikes about the chest. I hope no one took advantage of her cause they knew the true value 🙁. You should go back to NB in a month and give them a report. This will allow them to they look at your tread and help you adjust your stride , pace and let you know how often you need to buy new trainers.

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  4. Yay! Glad you got the okay from the doc to walk outside again, at least! Not too much longer ’til you can use the treadmill, hopefully!
    That was expensive for the shoes but totally worth it so you won’t be in pain anymore!! ❤

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