For the ladies

Question for you other women:

Do you work out while on your period? If you do, are you able to do what you want?

I couldn’t do more than 30 minutes on the bike. I did leg weights but it’s because I made myself.

You may know I joined Jillian’s Healthy Wage challenge. So I got this picture off their website today. I can’t believe this. If you are struggling to lose, looking at this may help!

I hope I’m not the only one that has this question. Thanks in advance for answering!

16 thoughts on “For the ladies

      1. I grew up in a sea town where it was swimmers get time from may to October back in a the days so no much options I supposed,when I went to high school to next town there were kids coming from all over around the area and not necessarily on the coast side ,I remember I was shocked when some of my class mates were not even talk my a full shower or wet their hair during those days.

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  1. I usually prefer not to move while I’m on my period, lol. It’s okay if you don’t feel like working out on your period but I did hear that if you work out while you are on your period… it can make it end sooner than usual.

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