Today is…

Rainy and cold. Yesterday was 76 degrees and today will be 60. Gotta love Houston weather!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember my friend that got offended and pretty much stopped talking to me. Now she has deleted me from social media. Wow. Just wow. Whatever girl. It’s your issue, not mine.

My morning client canceled because of the weather which is fine. It gives me the chance to go to the gym early. I have started wearing a wedding band when I go because I’m not there to be hit on or picked up on. There have been some men lately that I catch staring at every woman in there including me. So hence the wedding band. It helps too. I saw some guy that I used to know and his eyes got big when he saw it so it helped me avoid an awkward conversation. Honestly I don’t even remember his name! See why it would be awkward? 😂

The new shoes worked well at the gym. Today they feel a bit, what’s the word, painful (?) on the top of my foot. I think that’s just them getting worn in though. I hope so!

The couple took me to an Indian restaurant last night called Indiko. It is in the Montrose area here. If you like Indian food, this is a great place. I even asked my friend M from India and he said he’s been there and it was “pretty good”.

I had the Tikka Chicken Marsala which was spicy but very good. The wife of the couple had quail and then mango chutney chicken and the husband had pork loin. We were all happy with our choices. They were not impressed with dessert. They chose to split a chocolate bread pudding. I did not have dessert.

Speaking of, I was WAY too far under my calories yesterday. I only ate about 1200 calories! I will try to be closer today to my goal of 1800 calories. I do not want my body to think I’m starving it and start keeping the fat stored. I will go exercise though. It’s leg day! Woo hoo!

I believe I am driving Mr. 95 year old tonight. I plan on it anyway. I just hope he doesn’t have Miss Priss with him again. If he does, fine. I enjoy talking to the men though. I have learned so much about the 1920’s when they were little kids.

And…I am seriously thinking about getting a real part time job because I am not making what I need to live on. I want something flexible so I can still drive my clients and easy to do. What do you think I should do? As I have mentioned before, I was a travel agent for 26 years and I definitely do not want to go back to that. I love kids but hate the daycare system. I refuse to work at Starbucks or the grocery store down the street since I would know too many people that come in. Maybe a customer service or work at home job? I don’t need to make much. I just need a supplement until my business picks up again.

Let me know your thoughts!

26 thoughts on “Today is…

  1. About your friend, i have done that before. Anyone who insults me even a little bit, i delete out of my life.
    I do know you didn’t mean it all like that! It probably just hit the wrong spot for her. And maybe she has more issues!
    Im sorry to hear it anyhow!!

    About the job, if you need the money, i guess there’s no choice. But it wont make tou happy im afraid ☹️

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  2. If you like kids and you hate the daycare system, maybe look into being a nanny? You can have your own system and do things the way you feel best and find a family that matches that? Nannying is a great alternative. And I WISH I could work at home. Idk where to find an at home Job that I don’t have to already pay for 🙄. Great post hun! I have a friend also who actually stopped being my friend a couple months ago and he blocked me on Facebook and deleted me from Twitter. I thought it was so dumb but whatever. Their loss, right? Don’t even stress it.

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    1. I would love to be a nanny but it’s not flexible for my current clients. There are at home jobs with making hotel reservations and stuff like that. You just have to look hard.
      Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It’s been tough. She and I talked daily. I have to move on and keep going though. And thank you for reading! 😀

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      1. You can make hotel reservations at home? I’ve never heard of that. That sounds like a good way to work from home tho. I don’t need much either. Just enough to supplement and help me find dreams, etc. and no problem ! I always enjoy!

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  3. I don’t think your friend was a friend to begin with or take it like how a buddhist thinks…when karma ripens we move on. People come in and out of our lives. Some stay as friends, some fall out…just be happy and ignore. I tell self karma ends, debt paid…we split. As for part time job I agree you could look out for something till your business picks up. I always joke and tell friends how nice to work part time at 7-11 during the lull periods of midnight shift. I could do puzzles or snooze haha. Or work in a library…i hope your business picks up soon. Garfield hugs🤗🤗🐺

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    1. Here in Houston, you don’t want to work at any convenience store, especially at night. Thy get robbed WAY too much!
      Thank you for the kind words. I just miss her every once in a while.
      I hope it gets busier soon too! I hate being broke! 😂


      1. Oh my..I never knew that about Houston. I take safety for granted as in Singapore it is very safe. Work in a library!! I know the feeling and it is never nice being broke! Chin up! Business will be brisk again. Or since you drive maybe you can be an Uber driver for a couple of hours a day

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  4. First I love your attitude “Wow. Just wow. Whatever girl. It’s your issue, not mine.” That is hilarious about the gym and you make me love my home gym even more 😊. That meal looks devine and have you thought about being a Uber or Lyft driver? You pick your own schedule and may even pick up a few new clients

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    1. I would LOVE to have my own gym but I can’t afford it and where would my mom put more of her crap? 😂
      Indian food is very good!
      There are too many of them here and the drivers I have had have told me that they’re not making as much anymore.


  5. I called my BFF and the conversation was strained and almost felt forced. She advised her blog was blowing up and she hadn’t responded previously to my text and calls due to this and baking cookies one day. She hasn’t called me or text me since then. Was it a sore spot back in November yes because people don’t know OUR history. My social media, credit card, phone, and back account all were hacked by someone in Florida. So of course I deleted all my contacts to keep them from getting hacked. My BFF was one of my contacts on all my social media, emails, and phone. So if we had or were talking this would have been one of the everyday conversations SHE and I would have had. Today I looked her up because she mentioned she only had time for her blog. So I just wanted to see how BFF was doing. I was happy an proud of her shaping up journey, sorry to hear of a clients death, glad to see her son is doing great, great reading she is getting out more and has new friends, those totally awesome awards for her blog, laughing about her and her mother moments, and so on. So for her and her blog friends I never left really I just took time to cool off and tried to come back, too.

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  6. Aw… wow, I’m sorry you deleted you from social media. You’re right though… it’s her issue, not yours. I am thinking maybe you need to loosen the laces on your shoes if the tops of your feet are hurting? Make sure you’re eating enough calories… you are right that your body will panic & think you are starving it!! The Indian food looks amazing. ❤ The couple really is fancy!
    I think working at Starbucks would be fun for a little side job… they have good benefits, too, lol. Maybe you could work at one further away from where you live so you don't know the people who come in? Or maybe a job at the mall would be fun for you!?

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