Catch up

Amber is doing pretty well since having her teeth cleaned. They had to pull 5 teeth! Poor baby! She has pain meds and wet food and lots of walks.

My son is applying for a scholarship for a summer program but only because a girl he likes is applying. Umm, okay then! We are getting that done this week.

My mom is cleaning out stuff still which is a good thing, now if I can only get her to stop putting it all in the garage! I would like to actually use the garage to park my car in soon.

Last night, I took Mr. 95 year old to his weekly dinner. He told me all about his medical issues and there’s a lot of gross stuff he told me that I do not want to repeat. I don’t want to be that old!

I have a job at 10. I am taking the husband of the couple to the grocery store (it is Thursday) and then the wife and I are taking the hearing aids back and she wants to go to Cranky’s audiologist. That’s fine with me. I will have to make them both an appointment with her and take them.

I did work out yesterday but wasn’t really feeling it so only 30 minutes on the bike and leg machines. Today is arm day so I will be going. I may have to use the recumbent bike although I don’t like it. We will just have to see.

That’s it. Just updating everyone on what’s going on. Y’all have a good day. Tomorrow is Friday!

18 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Awe she is so cute probably got cleaner teeth than mine after the brunch we had today. Anytime you’re not feeling it and you work out any way that counts Great job!

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