Yay for Friday!!!

Now that I have stopped working weekends, I look forward to Friday again!

I am with Styled right now. She is getting her hair done. She said she doesn’t feel very good so she wants to skip nails and shopping which means less money for me but that’s okay. I just want her to feel better.

I will take the couple out to dinner tonight. It’s their 66th wedding anniversary! Wow! I obviously will never have one of those so I’m happy for them. I wonder where we will be going tonight. Doesn’t matter. I’ll be there for them anytime they need me.

Friday’s are the only day I let myself go to McDonald’s. Styled always wants a hash brown so I usually get a breakfast sandwich and just get a meal. It’s cheaper that way. I wanted an egg McMuffin thinking it was egg on a muffin. Nope! It had Canadian bacon, cheese, egg, and butter on the muffin! Eek! I drove back to return it and asked for what I wanted which was just egg on a muffin. They all looked at me like I am nuts. But I saved 200 calories by doing that. Plus I’m not a fan of Canadian bacon. Regular bacon I’m all for but Canadian bacon is just ham and I don’t want that.

So I had my sandwich and now I’m waiting for everything to be charged so I can go inside and ask the cute young hairdresser about his trip to Colorado.

If you know anything about Department 56 houses, let me know how much I can sell them for. I have been authorized to sell all of my moms decorative houses and will do so on Facebook marketplace later today.

On the exercise front, I felt better yesterday and got my groove on at the gym. 45 minute bike ride and arm weight machines. Go me! I want to see that scale move in the morning!

Today is my day off the gym so I believe I am just going to go for a walk. πŸ˜€

12 thoughts on “Yay for Friday!!!

  1. Hey julie, do you have an email I could contact you with? I had a couple questions about the business side of things. Didn’t want to post it here and hijack the comments. πŸ˜‰ ❀

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  2. I don’t eat fast food, but I would have also been shocked if I asked for a EGG Mcmuffin and it contain anything, but egg. Nice job standing up for yourself. πŸ™‚ Now, when did you stop working weekends. I would think that would be the busy times…

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