The weekend

It’s almost 8am but still looks pitch black outside the window. It is pouring down rain and supposed to continue for quite a while today. If I didn’t have stuff to do, I would love this!

Well, it’s now 10:30 and I’m waiting for my son at his psychologist’s office. I am tired today and a bit down. I seriously think it’s because of “that time of month”. It’s the only time I feel depressed! I gained .4 pounds but it’s because I ate right before bed. I know this because on Friday I was down a pound. I’m not worried about that or stressed, I will be going to the gym again today though.

On my day off of the gym, I went for a walk. Those who follow me on Instagram have already seen these- crazedmama31 Follow me! 😀 oh, and when you do, let me know who you are because I won’t let just anyone follow me. I had one from some men’s clothing – so if that was one of you guys, please message me so I know to accept.

I also took the couple out for their 66th wedding anniversary. They went to yet another fancy overpriced restaurant. I saw the prices and the only thought I had was, “I would NEVER come here if I was paying!” Serious. A Caesar salad was $13!!! For what???

He had flowers delivered to the restaurant and the place even gave them a card. It was very sweet!

I have done my paperwork for the week and now I’m posting my daily blog so other than going to the gym, I have done everything I was supposed to today!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I look forward to hearing what you guys are up to.

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