24 free hours

You really don’t know how it feels to be free until you are a single parent and your child goes to spend the night with someone. In case you’re wondering, it’s totally awesome!!!! Granted, I didn’t do anything last night but watch Netflix until 3am and still woke up at 8am. My son spent the night at a friends house an is staying there until after the kids birthday party today which means I’m free until about 5pm. Yay! Now if I can get my mom to leave for church or to get coffee, I will really be free! I have to cook, do laundry, go to the gym, and take care of the dog, all of which I do when my family is here, but how much better is everything when there’s nobody else around? It’s great!

Exercise yesterday was good. 45 minute bike ride and back machines. I have split my weight exercises into 3 days as well so today and the next 2 days, I will post what machines I’m using. If you have better ideas, please feel free to let me know.

Today is leg day. I was debating using the elliptical today for cardio to see how that is until last night (one reason why I was awake so late). The old familiar pain in my foot decided to show up. Now was it because of the weather change (high in the 50’s today when yesterday was 70)? Is it because I actually hit 10,000 steps the other day? Could it be that my nerves are revolting yet again? I have no clue but I was in a lot of pain last night. And I stayed up way too late and ended up gorging on 8 Oreos with 2 cups of milk at 2am. So I guess that was my cheat meal of the week. Damn. Already. On a Saturday night. Oh well. Now all the Oreos are eaten and not in my house so that temptation is gone! That’s the key when you eat something that is not on your plan. Forgive yourself and MOVE ON. It won’t kill your entire plan to have a cheat meal (8 Oreos and 2 cups of milk is definitely a meal at about 800 calories). Today I will go sweat out all this sugar and keep going. That’s all. No getting myself down and eating everything else in sight.

I have a cold shivering dog here so I’m going to go. Y’all have a great Sunday!

21 thoughts on “24 free hours

  1. I’m the opposite of you… even though I do all of the same things when bf is gone; I just can’t wait til he gets home!
    You’re right to not beat yourself up over Oreos. Sometimes I get mad at myself for eating dairy & I’m like… ‘ugh I’m already going to have a stomach ache, who cares if I have another scoop of ice cream?’ But I really should just forgive myself & stick the one scoop… good advice!!! 💗

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