Here we go…again

Another Monday has arrived. Are you working? Taking the day off? Getting any exercise? Eating well or eating junk? I have some affirmations for today for all of us.

Yesterday I was really depressed. I stayed in bed and only got up when my watch said I needed to get my movement in for the hour. I still wanted to hit the watch goals of the day so I got dressed and went for a walk last night. Only 25 minutes but it helped alleviate how I was feeling. I started the walk not happy and listening to rock music and by the end of my walk, wet and cold (it rained on me but I kept going), I felt better and was singing along and dancing while walking.

Do what works for you is the point. I read an article that says exercise helps alleviate depression so I did that. It does work. Weird how that happens but I can’t complain. I’m back on track today! Maybe those Oreos affected my mood more than I thought. I saw this post that showed what foods cause anxiety and depression and of course sugar was on the list. Shouldn’t surprise me. So I will try to eat the foods on the left. My anxiety has been under control until lately. I think that while losing the weight, I need to work on what holds me back since that could cause me to fail in the long run. And I refuse to fail this time!

Talked to BFF which was very nice. Her life (phone and accounts) got hacked and she literally got rid of everything online and on her phone to stop the person from getting other peoples information. That sounds awful and I’m glad she made a police report and is getting everything fixed. She saw my post and commented so we may be able to get back on track too. That would be nice.

This morning I even made breakfast for my mom and I. She doesn’t have to be at work until noon. I made this breakfast pizza and it actually tastes good! I recommend cooking it using the oven instructions so it’s crispier.

Mostly protein so my keto friends may even be able to eat it. The “crust” is actually chicken breast and it worked well. My mom said she felt like she may need a knife (we ate with forks instead of just picking it up like a regular pizza). Maybe when she tries the supreme pizza I got, she will just pick up the pieces.

I did not post what my mom wants to sell so that’s on my list of stuff to do today. I also need to shower, do laundry and dishes, and go to the gym for leg day that I missed yesterday. It will be a full day with no work. Thank you all for the suggestions on where I should look for a part time job. I am going to start to look into those today too if I have time.

I’ll leave you with my favorite saying for today.

Have a great week my friends!

16 thoughts on “Here we go…again

  1. Exercise really does help with the mood! Last week I was down all week and it took me a while to figure out I hadn’t run like I usually do. This weekend I’ve ran every day and life is great:) The sunshine May be helping too🤣

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  2. Hope your depression & anxiety have subsided. 💗 Glad to hear that your BFF didn’t delete you on purpose but scary that she was hacked!
    That breakfast pizza looks so yummy! Did you say chicken crust?! Mmmmm.

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