Rainy Tuesday

I am sitting in my nice warm bed listening to the thunderstorm outside and have a cute little girl doggie curled up next to my butt. I love the rain when I am not out driving in it. I will be going to the gym in a bit too so I am thankful I have a raincoat, even if it is orange.

The only job I have today is taking the couple to dinner. Mr. 95 year old called me yesterday to cancel for Wednesday which I expected since it’s Valentine’s Day and why would he go to his country club? The retirement home where he lives is having a party for them.

Last night, I chose to go to the gym at 6pm. I started off on the bike but after 15 minutes, I got off. I was not feeling it. Then before I walked out, I told myself that I have to do legs. So I did my weight machines.

The best part is this. After I finished those, I went and got on an elliptical machine to try it out. I set the timer for 5 minutes and started. 4 minutes went by and it was so easy, I changed to 10 minutes! After 6 minutes, my knee started to bother me and I had hit my exercise goal for the day. I did 2 extra minutes seeing if my knee would just let up but it didn’t so I got off after 8 minutes. I did the elliptical though!!! I was so proud of myself! Today, I am going to try for that elliptical again. Let’s see if I can do 30 minutes. That’s my new goal.

I woke up today and after taking my son to school, I was hungry. I came home and made bacon, eggs, and toast for myself and my mom.

It was so good. I wish I could do that every day. Technically I could, I just am lazy most mornings and don’t feel like cooking. So I had one egg, 2 pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast with butter. Still full too! I also cooked yesterday. I made Mac and cheese lasagna and biscuits for my son. He was very happy!

My son and I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought valentine cards and chocolates. He was buying them for this girl he likes and a friend that’s a girl. I bought one for him, one for my Mom, and one for Cranky. Cranky has decided that I must be mad at her because she hasn’t seen me in a week. She complained to her caregivers and her son. I have had texts from 3 people asking why I haven’t been there. Well, a lot of reasons actually. So I am going to bake a cake for her and take it tomorrow for the Hallmark holiday. Why not? I don’t have a job tomorrow either! I have been listing all the Department 56 stuff for my Mom online. No takers but I’m putting them out there. I’m only doing the sales in Houston and NOT on eBay.

So I am going to turn off the lights now, open the blinds and curtains, and watch the storm blow through. It’s supposed to be warm here again tomorrow. Fun fun. At least it’s not snowing I guess!

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