Happy Valentine’s Day to all

Yep. It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m single but I have a kid so I feel like I have to be happy about today. He has a crush and he told her yesterday but didn’t get a reply so he’s not too excited today. The brownies are half gone and a bag of the cookies is gone though so my “gifts” to him went over well. I also gave him a card and a box of sweettart ropes that he likes. I heard him open the box already this morning. He came in here and pretended like he didn’t get anything but finally said thank you.

I am spending the day with one of my oldest friends B. He and I are just going to hang out today and maybe grab lunch somewhere. I will go see Cranky on my way down south to where B lives. At least his roommate will not be there. The past 3 times we have hung out, his roommate was there. Can I just have some time to talk to him? Geez! Who knows what the day will bring! When I get back from down there is when I will go work out. I wonder how dead the gym will be or will it all be the single people around here?

My mom slid a Valentine’s Day card under my door when she went to bed last night. I opened it this morning and it has 2 gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Nice, right? She probably got them for Christmas from friends and is just passing them on (both are for $10) but whatever. I’ll take them. I love books too! I gave her some chocolates and a card from me and a card from the pets. She hasn’t opened them but she did see them.

I guess I need to get moving! Have a great Valentines Day guys! Who cares if you are single or with someone? Who cares that this is a made up holiday to sell stuff? Thanks Hallmark. Just have a good day however you choose to spend it.

21 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day to all

  1. Hope your valentine’s day went well. It was a good read.

    I am just 2 posts old here. Getting the hang of it and coming across some good reads. It feels nice.

    Pls stop by my blog, would be glad to know your views.

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