Tuesday dinner

Tonight was taking the couple to their weekly dinner. It started out weird. The husband was in a pissy mood and yelled because I wasn’t right there to shut his car door (he can’t). I was making sure their front door was locked! Then we start driving and his wife couldn’t hear what he was saying so he starts yelling at her. She says, “You don’t have to yell.” The car goes silent the rest of the ride there. Thank goodness it wasn’t too far away.

We went to an Italian restaurant and it is priced about the same as going to a Carrabbas’s here but the food was SO much more impressive!

Started out with Noki and a bottle of wine for them (not me since I have to drive and I’m sorry but I couldn’t eat that – it looked like turds in cream sauce):

The husband ordered Veal Piscotta and the wife ordered Veal Marsala while I got lasagna.

The place is cozy and nice but was pretty empty tonight. Maybe because all the people are waiting until tomorrow to go out to eat?

Dessert looked yummy although I did not partake. They both ate every single bite. He got an Apple dessert and she got chocolate cake.

What a great place!

The other issue was when we were leaving. I went out with the wife because I needed to pull the vehicle out so they would have room to get in it. The husband comes out on his scooter and goes the wrong way where there is no ramp. Come to find out, there is no walkway either! He ended up driving off the curb and landed on his shoulder into the car. She screamed for help. I jumped out of the car and ran up to him just to have him yell for me to turn it off so back I went to do just that. Some stranger comes up and between him and myself, we miraculously get the husband to his feet and back on the scooter. He keeps saying he is fine, he doesn’t need a shitty hospital, and to let it go. He does not want me saying a WORD to his kids either. That was made very clear on the ride home. I got them home and inside the house. As I was leaving, the overnight caregiver showed up. I did NOT tell her what happened since she is as nervous about the 2 of them as I am but I did let her know that he ripped his jacket. She said she will take care of it and wished me a good night.

About an hour after I got home, the couple’s daughter in law text me asking how dinner was. I had to play that off like nothing had happened. I wanted to tell her but I respected his wishes. Thank goodness it was text and not on the phone! I felt really bad for not saying anything especially when she told me how much they appreciate me. Eek!

Now I’m home, have made plans for tomorrow, and I’m off to bed. Have a great night (or if it’s already Wednesday where you are, a great day)!

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