Lunch with a friend

I’m spending a lot of time with B lately it seems! First his birthday at Perry’s, yesterday we went to Whiskey Cake, and we are going to see Chinedu live on Sunday evening.

Whiskey Cake. That was a great place! The food is good, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, and we were able to get reservations last minute for lunch at 11am.

The 2nd picture is their wall of Whiskey. I’m not sure if it’s enough! πŸ˜‚

We had fried green tomatoes as an appetizer, I had chicken and waffles, he had some kind of meat that just fell apart with a fork (awesome!), and dessert was a chocolate whiskey cake. Then he ordered a French press coffee and our waiter Joshua was showing him what to do. We had a great waiter too! He was very nice, turned up the air conditioning when I told him how cold it was, and stopped by often (attentive). It is in Baybrook mall so it’s not close to me but I would go there again!

I finally got to see B’s apartment. It’s simple but nice. He’s very clean so his place looked immaculate. We went to the grocery store and his bank just to be out and about. It was a good day!

I bought us tickets to see my latest favorite comic Chinedu Ogu (check him out on YouTube). That’s on Sunday at 7pm. I hope I get to meet him after the show!

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