For us trying to lose weight

I have a major question tonight:

Are you or are you not supposed to eat the calories you earn from exercising?

If I don’t, I am at a 900 calorie deficit for the day. If I do, I’m afraid I will gain weight.

Please discuss!

40 thoughts on “For us trying to lose weight

  1. According to what we were taught 100 yrs ago (kidding! – it’s been only half that 😉) In a physical fitness class at the Nursing home where I worked, your burned calories in an exercise program is what makes you lose weight. For example, you take in 1500 calories a day for the body’s maintenance. You burn 500 calories. That means you have a consumption value of 1,000 calories, meaning you will lose 500 calories worth of weight. (Sorry, I forget what that worked out to in pounds lost.) Within this concept, if you ate the extra calories you have worked off by exercising, you would not lose weight and could possibly even gain weight instead, due to the muscle weight gained as you build muscle tissue. I hope you find this helpful! I am so proud of you for your wonderful persistence and dedication, Julie! My HEART is with you every step of the way! 👏🤗💕

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  2. After working out, your body does need protein to repair the muscle after you stress it with exercise. If a person is sacrificing muscle as they lose fat by dieting too much, I don’t think they are getting healthier, just smaller. So I do think if you accepted another 400 calories eating meat or eggs or whatever you’d still have a calorie deficit for losing fat but would be better off for keeping the muscle. And muscles burn calories even when at rest.

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