Whew – what a week!

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I watched The Details last night. OMG it was so funny!!! I don’t think it was supposed to be (maybe dark humor) but I laughed throughout the entire movie. Laura Linney plays the crazy next door neighbor and she always does such a great job! The cast is all stars and it was really good.

I needed that laugh after being so busy yesterday! First was the yoga, then working for 5.5 hours, then went to the gym and did all of the weight machines. I am trying something new to see how it goes. I am doing weights every other day and cardio on the other days. I will walk or do yoga on the days I do weights so I get my exercise goals of the day in too.

Today I take Styled to get her hair done and run errands. Then I will take the husband of the couple to the grocery store. He’s going to owe me for 10 hours or more for the week. I need it too. I hate being broke! I need more clients. My cousin is sick and she paid me $20 to go buy her groceries. That was nice of her and unexpected. God really does work in mysterious ways.

This morning I started something new. I am taking the suggestion of the modern health monk on YouTube and doing a morning ritual to get up and get my blood flowing and to start my day right. It sounds great! I shook my entire body for about 10 minutes like he suggested and made a mental note of my goals today. I think he’s onto something. I am more awake than normal. Allergies are sucking the life out of me (I think I’ve sneezed 10 times in a row already) but I have made my sons breakfast downstairs, taken my vitamins, and meditated. You guys may know that I don’t drink coffee, I have an energy drink each morning. That helps wake me up but not always so that is why I watched his video this morning and I’m awake now, ready to start this Friday off right! I gained .4 pounds AGAIN this week so I am stepping things up and making changes.

Cranky enjoyed her cake. I’m happy about that. My son had a friend come over last night and they had fun inside and at the park. The husband of the couple is fine so I guess I don’t need to worry about him being in pain, and my mom is already up this morning getting ready for whatever she has to do today. It’s 6:20am!

Have a wonderful Friday. I think I will. I’m trying to be positive.

8 thoughts on “Whew – what a week!

  1. Don’t trip about the scale my damn scale went up a pound too.lol It is what it is and we just have to keep working at it! I believe in you!

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  2. I’ve never heard of The Details but I should check it out! Glad you found some new workouts like yoga and videos to help you wake up in the morning!! Hope your allergies go away soon & good to know that the husband is okay. ♡

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