My poor son. He almost NEVER gets sick so when he does, it’s pretty awful!

Last night, he stayed at his friends house in the neighborhood. He text me and asked me to bring him his asthma inhaler. Since he barely ever uses it, I was worried that he might be getting sick. So when he text this morning telling me that his entire body hurt, I knew he was sick. I told him to come home right away and took his temperature. 38.8 Celsius for my friends that use that.

So symptoms are fever, body aches, and breathing issues. I believe he has the flu. I am not a doctor but that’s what it sounds like. I have quarantined him in his room and given him his tv remote so he can lay in bed and sleep or watch tv. I gave him some bananas, his vitamins, water, and told him to stay in bed unless he needs to go to the bathroom.

He is so upset about this too! He said, “I don’t want to miss school on Monday!” I told him that he needs to stay in bed until he’s recovered and if he stays in bed all day today and tomorrow, he may feel better on Monday. So he’s actually staying in bed! I’m amazed. Go me!

I have tickets to see Chinedu tomorrow evening too! I hope he’s better. I can guarantee that my Mom won’t do whatever he needs to get better. She’s from the age of “get up and moving to feel better”. Yeah Mom, see, here’s the thing. That just makes the illness longer to recover from! So I gave him some NyQuil because he needs to sleep to get better quicker.

I also need to go do weights today at the gym. Last night, my full on workout was great but when I was walking up the stairs at home, my knee popped and I was in SO much pain! I could walk normally so I knew I didn’t really hurt it. I just stayed off of it unless I had to walk. I took the stairs one at a time so I wasn’t bending the knee too much. I slept and today I feel fine. So I want to go to the gym. Today was also the day I weighed myself. I’m up again by .2 pounds. What the hell? I don’t know if I should eat out anymore. That’s the only thing I can think of that is wrong. I ate my exercise calories on Tuesday and Wednesday but never went over the total for the past week. Maybe I’m not eating enough? Argh – losing weight drives me nuts!

What do you think? It’s driving me nuts just thinking about it!

I know I shouldn’t be counting on the scale. I honestly think Tuesday and Wednesday (the days I did yoga) I counted those as workouts and ate those calories and I didn’t actually burn that many calories. I’m also trying to drink more water and maybe it’s water weight. I’m also trying to drink less of my calories. So maybe I’m stressed. Who knows!

Anyway, I’ve got to take care of my son again. Y’all have a good day!

30 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Hope he gets better soon.

    About the weight loss, I have the same frustration. During Christmas, Jasper gained some weight.
    1,5 months later, all gone.
    How?? He doesn’t exercise at all and I don’t think he eats less.

    I honestly think it’s a women thing!

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