Tonight’s event

I have tried. I even scraped the bottom of the barrel here to find someone to go with tonight and failed miserably.

My tickets are non refundable and I am not going to go. I am going to be a good mom and stay home with my sick child. Yes, his grandmother will be here but I really don’t think she will take care of him the way I would. I made the decision myself so no need to feel bad, okay guys? I couldn’t even give away my tickets. How screwed up is that? I actually decided this while I was in the shower and still got dressed and did my hair. Why not???

It’s not like Chinedu is never going to have another show, right? I thought about driving down there just to meet him and then thought, “Why would I drive 30 minutes just to say hi to a guy that doesn’t know me from Adam???” So here I am, dressed and ready, and not going anywhere. I went on Facebook to put a note on his page and he was live. I told him about tonight in a comment and he mentioned me in his live post that he will have to make sure I’m at the next show. How sweet!

On the plus side, my son and I had a little fun just now. I asked him to take a full body picture of me since I was dressed and ready to go. He did a good, nice one and then kept shooting and pretending like he was a photographer so I had some fun with him.

That’s his room. I didn’t want him to get out of bed. That’s my new outfit from Chico’s that I got the other day that I’m wearing. You can see the bag from Nordstrom’s where we got him some pants for the cold weather that he’s NEVER OPENED. Crazy child. He says he got sick because I made him wear pants the days that it was 30 degrees outside. 😂

Is that first picture good enough to use as a profile picture? Let me know!

So I hope everyone has a good evening. I think I’m going to watch some Netflix.

21 thoughts on “Tonight’s event

  1. You’re a good mum for staying home with your son. Trust me, he will remember it!
    And the dressing up hasn’t been for nothing, because HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO niceee picture! You look great. I think the work out does show 😀

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  2. Julie! I am disappointed you didn’t go to the comedy show! You got dressed up so nicely & I know you would’ve enjoyed it. The first picture would be a beautiful profile picture! 🙂

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