He’s still sick. 101.7 this morning. No school obviously. BFF’s son is sick too. I know there are lots of people that are sick right now, I feel for anyone that is! It sucks!

Then Eliza got in my room and decided to lay down against my butt like Amber does.

I’m off to the store this morning to get orange juice, soup, and more bananas for the sick child.

I went WAY over my calories yesterday (by 1000) and today I weigh a pound less. I was expecting 3 pounds more! At 11:45pm, I saw that I needed 15 minutes of exercise to finish my exercise ring on my watch and decided to do it. I walked around in my patio until I was done. Something must be working! I am determined. I went over so much because I kept eating the awesome cheese crackers I made. 3 are 200 calories!

So I got an award on my watch. I have mentioned before how helpful I find them!

Today is weight day. This guy at the front desk wants me to try a HIIT weight class. Not today I think. I’m too worried that I may have to leave the gym fast if my son needs me. I think it’s rude to walk out of a class in the middle. I hated doing it in college too so it’s just me. If I’m on the machines, I can drop it and run if necessary. I will be going to the gym though.

So gym and groceries, just like on Saturday. At least this time it won’t cost me $100! I only need sick child stuff, not regular weekly stuff. I was up until after 2 watching 50’s commercials on YouTube. Wow they were so different then now!

As for my business, it’s another slow week here. I just found out on Friday that my resume is not on my current computer. That’s frustrating. I have to find my old computer, plug it in, and see if I can still use it to print that out and make changes to it. I got a new one because the old one was crapping out on me. Then again, I don’t want a full time office job so maybe I should not have a resume. My friend that works at HEB said she didn’t give them hers because she wanted the job, she didn’t want to be told she was overqualified. I don’t know yet, whatever God wants to happen will happen.

I hope everyone on here has a great week. Sick child, allergies, and mother to deal with here. 🙄

7 thoughts on “Lovely

      1. Yeah my little sister just got teal sick last night with a temperature and it seemed to have come out of nowhere. A doctor may be what he needs. He may just need some antibiotics.

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