Long boring day

Wanna hear about all the boring? Okay, fine, I’ll tell you. You’re sure, right? 😂

Started out with a great doctor visit. No fever when we got there of course. She told him as long as his fever stays gone, he can go to school. Thank God for that!!! He was at 98.2 last night so he’s there.

For about 2 hours after we got home yesterday, I piddled around the house and walked the dog a couple of times until my Mom left for some church birthday party at 1:45. Then I attacked her pantry which had everything BUT food in it. I took all of the tools and household items and put them in the correct closet. I took all of her paper plates, cups, plastic silverware, napkins, and the MANY napkin rings she owns and moved them all into a cabinet. I moved my baking stuff (all over the floor of the pantry since I moved in) into another cabinet. I’m not done with the pantry. She still has 2 rows of crap left in it but I am getting there! It is starting to look like a food pantry and not a catch-all finally! I think it will be very nice to have all the food and cooking stuff in one place instead of scattered wherever she felt like having it that day.

I talked to Mr. 95 year old around 3pm yesterday and he told me, “I’m not going tonight, I would be eating alone. My friends aren’t going.” so that took care of that. I didn’t want to be out in the cold (it’s back down in the 50’s!) and rain anyway. I got a package in the mail and yes, I am broke, but I ordered gym gloves and a phone arm holder so I don’t keep hurting my hands on the machines and I don’t have to hold or find somewhere for my phone to be. I have left my phone in other machines so many times already it’s not even funny how much I needed this.

I went to the gym and did all 16 weight machines that I use. 3 sets of 12 reps each. I was very happy with myself. I said hello to a few people I’m getting to know too. My moms friend saw me and grabbed me and told me to come get her when I’m going to the gym. Ummm, no thanks? 😂

I also got a book from Alex Heyne (the Modern Health Monk) and I’m excited to start reading it. I was too tired to start it last night.

I came home from the gym and popped an Alaskan cod dinner and a salmon dinner in the oven for my Mom and I while she napped on the couch. When it was finished, I took it out and then walked Amber. While I was waiting for it to cook, I ate a couple of cheese crackers and drank a little lactose free 2% milk and started to feel sick when I came back from the walk. I told my Mom to go ahead and eat and then wrap up the leftovers and stick them in the fridge. I came upstairs to my room and got in bed. Asleep by 9. Not like me at all! I’m not allowed to get sick. Pray hard! The only 2 jobs I have left his week are today and tomorrow so I can’t get sick! I still don’t feel that great but not sick (yet).

My foot was killing me last night too and I only had 6500 steps for the day. It felt like I ran a marathon on it though. I go back to the podiatrist on Monday so he can look at it. Maybe there’s an issue with the inserts? Who knows. It doesn’t hurt this morning and today is cardio day so I guess I’ll use the bike again. I don’t want my feet to hurt.

I am taking the couple to their audiologist again today to get hearing aids fitted. The husband was joking at dinner Tuesday night how if he doesn’t want to listen to his caregiver, he will just turn it off. Wow dude. I know she thinks it’s her way or the highway but you’re just going to tune her out completely? Wow. People crack me up. My mom forgot to put hers on yesterday and every time I spoke to her, I had to yell.

I lost 2.6 pounds!!! I think I have my weight figured out. I weigh one amount. The next week I gain .2 to .4, the next week I gain another.2 to .4, then I drop over 2 pounds. Fun when you are trying to lose weight, let me tell you. 🙄 Today I am 209. Only 10 pounds until I am in what people call Onederland. That’s not far away hopefully! And 209 means I need to lose 34 more pounds total. How exciting!!!

I went over my calories by a few yesterday since I just popped a few cheese cubes instead of eating the fish I cooked.

It looks fine to me! What do you think of going over your goal by 16 calories?

That’s it for today. I may work on the pantry a bit more. Nothing much else! Have a good day. I’m sure I will when I get a free moment.

22 thoughts on “Long boring day

  1. I enjoyed this. Not boring as you shared a day in the life of Julieh. We are all humans and we all battle the dreaded calorie count. Aaargh! Don’t overdo at the gym else I worry your foot pain would become chronic if you push it. Take care and kudos on your achievement.

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      1. Yeah, I guess I have to stay off the elliptical. Oh shucky darn. The recumbent bike is the one that you sit in a chair and ride. I prefer the old stationary one.


      2. Take care. Try resting that foot for a while. If you are slightly bow legged like I am, I suffer chronic leg pain and if I did an MRI I am quite sure bony spurs have grown due to aggravation.

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  2. I think everything looks great as long you feel good homie! Plus you have been pushing it at the gym! Hey, maybe a cardio day is putting too much on your foot? But it’s kinda hard to argue with losing 2 pounds go ahead girl that’s great work! Have a great day and you’re not allowed to get sick.lol

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      1. My watch? Yeah, it’s waterproof. 😀
        I’m just waiting on swimming because of the weather and we don’t really have an exercise area, just laps and deep end for the kiddos.


  3. God’s! You exercise hard, even on a not boring day. I walked 14,471 steps today so I’m more than on target for my 100 miles in 2 weeks target. This 10,000 steps a day target has a lot to answer for! Kudos and love to you and yours. ❤❤❤

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  4. Glad you got the thing for your phone! I always forget my phone everywhere I set it down, too! 😂 also I laughed at the bit about bringing your friends mom to the gym with you “ummm, no thanks?” Lol.
    Hope you enjoy your new book, that your not sick, that your foot doesn’t start hurting again, & that you’re able to get that pantry all cleaned out!
    Congrats on the weight loss! You’ll shed the 30lbs you need to get off in no time! & 16 calories over isn’t so bad. 😉

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    1. Thank you for all that! So far so good on the sick front so maybe all my hand cleaning paid off. Maybe it was just an off night. These feet, I swear. I LIKE walking so they need to get with the program! 😂
      I doubt you would want a 70 year old to walk with you to the gym either, especially since it’s my mother’s friend, I’d have to hear about it from my mom too. Lol

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