So look

I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday. I organized stuff around my house and even cleaned out some drawers.

Why does my mother want to keep ALL these candles??? Why??? I believe a person should have a few in case of a black out (then again – that’s what flashlights are for). But she has about 200 tiny candles. What good would those do??? I don’t care that they are designer candles made to look like fruit or cupcakes. If you are not going to use them, WHY do you want to keep them???

The other thing I did that she was NOT happy about is email the church about giving away all of her village houses. He emailed me back and said AB-SO-LUTE-LY (he seriously wrote it just like this). And I pulled out the shelving that was keeping these doors from closing and put all the houses on it. The next project is getting rid of all the stuff in the back that is left over after getting those shelves out. The closet doors close again. Yay!!!

Before I could put the houses on it, Oliver had to check it out and get up by the ceiling.

Then once I was done putting them on there, I look over and he is covered in the fake snow that you put around the houses!

I want to make a photo saying “It’s not dandruff, it’s snow. I swear!”

I also took Styled to get her hair done, took Cranky to her hairdresser, and took the couple to get their hearing aids. They also wanted to go out to dinner so we went to a place called Joyce’s Seafood. It’s not that great and I’ve been there quite a few times and it’s never been that great so I didn’t bother taking photos.

So I did a 20 minute chair exercise video from YouTube. I burned about 100 calories doing the exercises and met the goals from my watch. After that, I turned on the latest My 600 lb Life on TLC to go. That woman pissed me off. Excuse after excuse! Oh my god woman! I was so glad he dropped her from the program! So I ended up staying up until 2am. I ate with the couple at 7 so I was pretty hungry when I went to sleep but I didn’t snack! Go me! I drank water instead. Boy did I have to use the bathroom when I woke up today though!

And today it shows! I officially weigh 207.6 this morning. By staying in my calories and not eating my exercise calories, I did REALLY well this week! So I’m happy. Now I just need to keep this up!

My back started hurting yesterday and I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t go do the weights yesterday or I did too much last time on Wednesday. So I am just going to walk today to make sure I don’t hurt myself further. And tomorrow is usually my day off of heavier exercise so hopefully walking will be okay for a couple days. I’ll be back doing the weight machines on Monday (if my back feels better). What do you do when you hurt?

So today I have to take my son to therapy. He’s been a bit of a pain since he has been feeling better. I even had to take his phone away for a day (therapist recommendation). He has done what I asked since which is good. Now if I could just get my mother to LET GO of all this crap, the house would be beautiful and clean! I’m not going to organize today since I want my back to feel better. I am going to rest for the most part. Allergies are in high gear here too and pollen is everywhere. Thankfully it’s supposed to rain this weekend so it will lessen a bit. I’m happy about that!

B wants to make up for canceling on me last weekend. He said his treat. He’s as broke as I am and has rent to pay every month so I don’t really want to think about it. I just set him up with a girl instead to keep him busier. She’s a sweetheart too so I hope that works well. If not, too bad for him. He will have to figure that out for himself. I told her she’s too good for him but he’s a good guy so why not give it a try.

BFF sent me an old picture of my son when he was little this morning. Not sure I thanked her enough for that. I loved waking up to my baby boy pictures! He was 16 months old in this picture.

What are you up to this weekend? Do you push through when hurting? Would you let a friend that you know is broke take you out anyway?

21 thoughts on “So look

  1. Just a thought but, I see an issue. From reading your blog, I believe it”s your mothers house and you are helping her. I don’t think you should give away her Christmas Houses without her with you. If she is a Hoarder, it will get worse and she will simply purchase more and newer ones.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts. We moved in last October and she had agreed at that time to get rid of anything she doesn’t use at least once a year. It is her house, I am trying to help her, and she’s the one that suggested to give the houses to the church. She just changes her mind after it’s done. 🙄


      1. We moved my mother-in-law up from DC about five years ago. Brownstone to small apartment.

        The paper! Reams and reams of paper. The books. The records. OK, I loved sorting through the last two. The furniture. Valuable antiques mixed with less-valuable bric-a-brac.

        Two words: storage unit

        Two better words: haul away.

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      2. Yeah, I don’t want to pay for storage for something she will never look at again. I would prefer to get rid of it. Now records, they might be worth something and I would rather sell them to somebody that would appreciate them!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I love those fruit shaped candles lol if she lets you get rid of them send them to me!! 😉
    What are all those village houses for anyways? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those, lol. Oliver is SO cute. 😍
    I always want to watch my 600 lb life but my boyfriend hates it hahaha.
    I’m so proud of you for exercising and not going over on your calories, and drinking water! 🤗
    Hope your back is feeling better– I think you’re right to take a break! & maybe you could go out with B for a drink and dinner, buy your food but let him buy you drinks? That would be fair!
    The photo of your son as baby is too cute!!

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the pictures with the cat. That is just so cute. I’m doing a lot of stuff. Mainly on Saturdays I clean and Sundays I relax because I have to go back to work Monday. Yes I do. There have been times I have gotten a migraine at work and have pushed through and did my job anyway. No I wouldn’t. That’s just rude. I would tell my friend that I couldn’t pay for my part because I didn’t have the money, but for someone else to tell you that when they are taking you out is just plain rude. They need to be honest about the situation and plan to do it at another time when they can afford to take you out and treat you. Hope you have a restful day tomorrow.

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  4. Oh,so much stuff I hope it’s all sorted by now. You do need a few candles, because as life will have it the battery in the flashlight will be dead when the power goes out 😂

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