Almost at the end of February???

Where did it go? Wasn’t it just Valentine’s Day? I’m not ready to measure myself this month! Why??? Why is February so short???

Well, I will live, I guess. I measured myself (actually yesterday).

Here are my stats:

Chest: 47 3/4 down from 48

Waist: 43 1/4 down from 44

Hips: 46 – no change (I wonder if the hanging skin is making it have no change. The skin hangs more now but it’s not going anywhere, and no, I refuse to show it). I haven’t gone down even a quarter inch on my hips since I started this lifestyle change.

Upper Thigh: 21 1/2 down from 22 1/2

Upper Arm: 14 1/2 down from 15

So I’m winning the turtle race. I’m losing pounds slowly but surely and losing 1/4 inch at a time and I cannot complain about that. I’m definitely not quitting after seeing just a little progress. At least I made progress!!! 207.6 as of yesterday. I can’t believe it. This is working.

Pictures showing from the end of December 2017 to now. The 3rd one shows my belly every month, the end of each month – December, January, and now.

If my cookie and soda loving self can do this, anyone can. You have to make it a lifestyle, not a quick fix. I got this and you got this! Woo hoo!

18 thoughts on “Almost at the end of February???

  1. You are doing so wonderful, Julie! I think your positive attitude is a tremendous asset, too! And, just to imagine how many others you are encouraging through the posting of this experience!! As for it going slow, from all I’ve read and heard, that’s a good thing. It is said to be a more lasting change than if it is a quick weight loss. You are an inspiration! Give yourself a pat on the back and an, “Atta Girl!”, from me! 👏🤗💕

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