Easy breakfast

Don’t have time in the mornings?

Feeling lazy and just don’t want to start moving so when you do you don’t have much time?

I used to grab something on the go (fast food) because I would stay in bed until the last possible moment. Now I know there is an easy way to eat healthy and be fast.

I googled microwave breakfast in under 5 minutes and TONS of recipes came up!!!

For the basic egg, bacon, and toast person (like me), this is the fastest and easiest.

You can add cut up vegetables, meats, whatever you might want! I put shredded cheese and sausage crumbles as well as bacon (also from the microwave):

Just don’t use a paper plate to cook bacon in the microwave! I like my bacon extra crispy so I do it for about 12-15 minutes and my mom likes it soft and chewy so I only do hers for about 10 minutes. Perfect bacon either way!

So please don’t say you don’t have time or energy to cook breakfast. I put my bacon in the microwave and then go take my shower. Crispy, perfect bacon as soon as I get out! Then pop the eggs in for a minute or 2 and wa-la! Breakfast!

That’s just my 2 cents for breakfast foods. Have a great day!

21 thoughts on “Easy breakfast

  1. That’s great Julie! I also make oatmeal and then portion it out, only takes about 45 seconds to warm it:)
    I’m not sure how people function who don’t eat breakfast!

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