Didn’t do a thing yesterday!

My back hurt so I was lazy. I didn’t exercise, I went over my calories like crazy, and I watched a ton of Netflix!

I watched a Jason Bateman movie called Extract. Dark humor and so funny! I really do like Jason Bateman. He was a child actor, got out of the business for years, and is now a great actor! And a great down to earth guy too. Not sure why his sister is only on lifetime shows (Justine Bateman) but Jason’s career took off in show business and he’s just plain awesome!

Image from IMDb

Then I watched the entire season one of Imposters. A little hard to believe but kept me interested through all 10 shows. Then I watched 4 episodes of Dark. It’s a German Netflix show that is creepy!

images from IMDb

So I seriously didn’t do anything yesterday! What did happen was at 8pm last night, my son comes rushing into my room to tell me that his friend just told him about a 10 page paper due in science today. Huh? 7th grade has 10 page papers??? I told him to start on it and I emailed his teacher. She didn’t get back to me until he was finished at 10:45pm. So he wrote this paper, showered, and then I had to tell him that she replied that it wasn’t true, there was no paper due. Whew!!! I told him last night so that he would have time to calm down before he went to school today. With his anger, if I had waited to tell him this morning, who knows what he might have done to that friend of his. This way, he slept on it, and I came up with a plan for his friend. I am going to tell him to say, “What? You think I would fall for that? I’m not stupid.” I hope he will do that instead of chasing his friend and who knows what else.

So I didn’t go to sleep until 11:30 and was up at 5:30. Today is an interesting day. I have to take my son to school, take Godfather to meet Godmother at the hospital (she’s having some procedure done), go see the podiatrist, then go to the gym (I am going to sit down on the recumbent bike only) and be home by 2 to meet the guy that’s coming to tune our piano. No work today. I think while this guy is working on the piano, I am going to market myself out there today. I just need free ways to do so. I’ll google it.

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Have a great Monday!

14 thoughts on “Didn’t do a thing yesterday!

  1. The fact that your kid could in fact write that ten page paper proves that seventh graders could write ten page papers.

    I think people really underestimate students. In an ideal world where students could work at their own pace, I think a third of American kids could finish high school by the end of junior high, but we’re always slowing them down for the sake of the factory style system in place now.

    Even in China I think it happens. When I was having dinner with a mixed group of Chinese and American professors in the English department, our Chinese boss told us that he wanted these Chinese students to be able to write 500 word essays in English by the time they graduate with their English degrees. I told him that I had my class of second year students writing 2000 word research papers; the surprise on his face told me that he hadn’t actually been paying attention to the students’ final papers I turned in at the end of every semester.

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    1. I’m sure you are correct. If it had been a real paper, it would have taken him more than 2 hours to finish though. It was copying his in class notes into essay format which he did very well!
      The teacher emailed me this morning and let me know that since he did it, he will get extra credit as well. 😀


  2. I would tell the teacher what happened and see if he can get extra credit. That is awesome that he pulled it off and his friend would be highly shocked if the teacher accepted it.

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  3. I love Jason Bateman!!! He is def such a good actor. I’ve never watched Extract though but I plan to! Never seen the other two shows but Dark seems really interesting!
    And oh my gosh. I was like “no way there’s a 10 page paper due” I can’t believe he really wrote 10 pages lol what a kid! Hope he doesn’t kill the kid who tricked him… but also kinda hoping he does lol.

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  4. It’s not funny at all when it happens, but I had to laugh at your narration of your experience (28 font! 😄) with your son’s dilemma, because I had 4 of them to deal with, plus my youngest brother, at the same time and there was often something similar coming up! Someday, you will be able to look back on these times and laugh, too. As for the day off, I think the body just needed that more than the exercise, at the time, don’t you? I think you are doing such a fine job with both your son and your personal goals! I’m so proud of you, Julie! 🤗💕

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  5. That sucks that his friend told him that, I feel so bad for him but he should be proud of himself for getting it all done in one night that’s something!

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