Couldn’t do it

I just could not go to the gym. I hurt that bad yesterday. I’m doing better today but will probably not go again just to make sure I am fully better before getting back to it.

So since I couldn’t get up to go, I decided to watch my calories VERY carefully. Here is my food yesterday. Not completely the best choices but I did stay within range. And yes, I drank some calories. Let me tell you though that I used to drink 6 sodas a day so I’ve already cut that in half. Go me!

I still had to move stuff for my mom and I cooked dinner (although I didn’t eat it – I got in bed with some soup). I did have to go up and down stairs a bunch too. I was also asleep by 9:30pm which is not like me plus I took a nap! I’m not feeling good at all. At least I’m not sick!!!

Today will probably be about the same. I was supposed to have the CPA guy come today and decided I better not try to sit up that long. Keeping my spine straight is hard enough when laying down!

I still have to walk my poor little Amber. I took my son to school and since it’s raining, I will probably have to pick him up too.

As I reread what I’ve written, it sounds like excuses to me even though I know the pain I feel is real. I will get back at it, I am watching my calories because I don’t want to gain anything back. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and I refuse to go backwards!

14 thoughts on “Couldn’t do it

  1. I always wondered where you got those “steps” statistics from! Turns out I too have them on my iphone!

    So I analysed the months that I had this phone. I carry my phone where I go, so it must be pretty accurate.
    Embarrassing too! I move too little!!

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  2. I’m proud of you my friend you always do what you can and I know you have been working very hard but let your body chill and you will be back good as new. The Cool thing is you have been eating good so there won’t be any weight gain I’m sure. I had no idea mountain dew had 170 calories? I’m not a soda drinker coffee is my thing and I know you don’t do coffee right?

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