Another day in the books

I woke up with no alarm at 5:55am. I had forgotten to set it. Oops! I took my son to school and went straight to the gym since I have to be at the couple’s house from noon until 5. Taking care of both of them is pretty tiring so I usually don’t want to work out after that. So I kicked ass again this morning doing the same stuff I did last night.

Oh! On the treadmill, they showed a park where AJ lives. Do you know this park?

I also am thinking of starting swimming soon. Well, as soon as they finish resurfacing the pool that is. It’s a heated pool which is nice so I look forward to trying it out.

I just took Amber for a walk. The cats tried to come in my room with us but it was time for Amber to be fed so they couldn’t come in. Those crazy cats love to eat her food even though they have their own downstairs! So I am going to relax until 10 by writing to you guys and then jump in the shower, get dressed, and run by Crave Cupcakes to get the husband a late birthday treat. If you’ve never heard of this place, they make HUGE cupcakes (like 500 calories a piece for some certain flavors) and they are SO yummy!!! They also make mini cupcakes so I will probably get one of those for myself. When I was eating anything I wanted, I would go to crave for a full size cupcake once a month or so. This is my first time in 4 months and I’m just getting a mini. I’m proud of myself for that!

Today is eat the leftovers day. I have my half burger patty left from Tuesday night, one serving of bbq left from yesterday, and the stuffed peppers that I made on Monday. I wasn’t kidding about making up for the overeating either. I stayed within my calories yesterday even with eating a couple of Girl Scout cookies.

I feel good and want to keep going. I’m back on track, I exercised all the calories I overate on Sunday and Tuesday, and I will kick butt on the scale Saturday!

Have a great day!

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