Crave Cupcakes

Never heard of them? They are SO good! There are lots of little cupcake shops around and in my humble opinion, Crave beats them all!

I got the husband a banana cupcake and the wife a chocolate one.

I walked in and told the guy at the counter that it was my clients 87th birthday and they had never heard of Crave so I wanted to get them what they like and would like a mini vanilla cupcake for me. He was very nice but told me they only sell the mini cupcakes when you buy 12. I definitely don’t need 12 cupcakes in my house! And at $24 for those 12, I can’t afford that! So I said okay, I don’t have to have one. I even told him that at 500 calories, I couldn’t get a big one and stay within my diet today. This guy was in shape, young, and very cute! I figured one look at me and he would understand that I’m trying.

He packed up their cupcakes and then came out from the back with a mini vanilla one for me! Isn’t that sweet??? I’m so happy!!! He didn’t have a way to charge for just one so I put $2 in their tip jar since I figured $24 for 12 cupcakes is $2 a piece. I put the last picture in so you can see the size difference between the cupcakes. I prefer the small one. The big one is too much sweetness!

I called the couple to see why I had to be there so early and he said I can come at 2:45pm since his appointment is at 3:15 and we will go to the store after that. Well, crap. I know that means that he wants to go out to dinner instead of going to lunch. Oh I know why he wanted me there at 12. I’m trying not to eat out and having to take them out to dinner is not very helpful to my plan. I guess I’ll get a salad wherever they choose to go since they always make me eat with them. I prefer making my own salads since restaurants tend to put stuff in I don’t like or overdo it with salad dressing. I will also have to take my shredded cheese, a hard boiled egg, and sunflower seeds with me to make the salad how I want it. I know, I’m weird. That’s how I like salads though!

So I’m back home, ate my 200 calorie cupcake, and now waiting for my clothes to finish drying. Y’all have a great day!

24 thoughts on “Crave Cupcakes

  1. I love anything with banana in it! My favorite juice is banana juice in fact! Unfortunatrly it us not available in the Netherlands though ☹️ but when i am in germany, it’s all i drink πŸ˜€

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  2. My gosh, those cakes look amazing I will certainly have to check it out next time I’m in town! I absolutely love cupcakes but on keto, they are a no-no so when I decide to have an off day I’m getting

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  3. That was lovely of him πŸ™‚
    Re eating salads when your out… I ask whoever to please put dressing in a wee dish at the side, that way I can just take the little but I want and not overdo the calories.

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