Need to vent

I work my ass off for these elderly people. I get their breakfast for them or birthday treats without asking for payment in return, I always offer to wait in the car while they eat or do their thing, and even offer to pay my own way if we go somewhere. I’m pissed off. And yes, I started my period today, but that’s not the reason. Wait until you hear about this shit.

First. I get Styled her breakfast from McDonald’s (which I’m not eating there anymore) and drive to pick her up. I finally call her at 9:02 and she says, “Oh, I just woke up. I can’t go today.” Really??? Why not??? Put on some clothes and let’s go! (I did NOT actually say this) I take her breakfast to the front desk and ask them to deliver it to her. She has not even called or text to say thank you. I call her hair place and find out that she called the hair place at 2:30am to check on her appointment. Wow 😮 I called her step daughter to let her know and she says that Styled is just acting needy and she’s tired of accommodating her. Okey dokey then! Well, I’m tired of cancellations from her!

So I drive down an hour to the chiropractor and that was awesome. He popped my neck and adjusted my back. Dr. B massaged it himself because the kid that took me and hooked me up to the electrodes said, “Oh wow! They really beat up your back the other day!” I feel great though so I wasn’t worried about that. And Dr. B is always sweet and he knows what he’s doing so I let him do his thing.

So then I drove back to take the husband to the grocery store. They loved their cupcakes. He wanted to stop for a burger on the way to the store so we did that. We went through the entire store and he spent $300 on groceries. On the way home, I told him his total for the entire week. He started complaining! He didn’t remember the 2 1/2 hours from Tuesday. He said the total shouldn’t be that much. I kept my mouth shut but I was fuming! I brought you a $4 cupcake and your wife one so she wouldn’t feel left out and you are complaining about the exact amount you owe? ARGH!

When we got to their house, I brought his wheelchair to him and took the groceries inside. He starts counting cash and hands me all but $5. Then he has 3 $5 bills and 3 $1 and tries to give me the ones and says he will owe me $2! I’m so mad at this point that I actually said, ” Why don’t you keep your $3 and give me a $5 and we will be even?” So he finally did and I got the hell out of there.

I went to the gym in my new shirt and did 45 minutes on the elliptical. I went to the restroom before I started to work out and found out it’s “that time of the month”. I didn’t have anything on me but luckily the first day is almost non existent so I went ahead and did my workout.

Now I’m home and my son brought a friend home with him and my mother will be home in half an hour. I’m tired, pissed, and want to eat my dinner and watch Netflix. I think I will. Have a good night and thanks for letting me rant.

26 thoughts on “Need to vent

  1. I recall conversations I once had about how much remuneration to award users of a needle exchange program for completing a lengthy, fairly personal questionnaire. The powers that be wanted to limit it to gift cards, but the head of the program insisted on cash. “We are paying them for their time, period.”

    You deserve to be properly reimbursed for your time, completely, politely and without prompting.

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  2. I remember when I was working with a family as a nanny and I write down all the hours in a notebook. Then at the end of the week I tell them how much they owe me and they’d be upset. Like… YOU KNOW how much an hour I’m making. So think about that before you ask me to come and work this many hours. Smh. People are so unbelievable lol you handled it well tho. Smh a shame they had to go and do all that foolery on the day you start your cycle! I hope the rest of the weekend goes much better for you!

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    1. So it happens often (unless you were a nanny in Houston and worked for this same man!). I write all of mine down too which is how I could show him. That trying to owe me $2 really pushed me over the edge though. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one! 😀

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  3. agree with the comments here – especially the obvious point by cherishingflo. we want what we want but we want it for free even when we know up front it will NOT be free, it will be exactly $XX.xx. good for you for being professional and firm about it.

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  4. Sorry you had a tough time. I suggest you keep it professional and not buy things out of your own pocket. You are nice and consider them as friends and respect them as seniors. But being seniors, they are needy and forget whatever is done for them. I face this with my own folks too. I feel you. Take care and it is good to rant. Garfield hugs🤗🤗

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      1. To be fair not all seniors are unappreciative. Trust your gut and reciprocate those who buy you gifts or treats. This way you will feel better too. Just tell self they are your “bosses” so let them pay for your meals etc. Take care and cheer up

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  5. Wow. Styled could’ve at least thanked you for the breakfast that you didn’t even have to bring her. & I’m proud of the way you handled the money situation with the husband… that’s pretty shitty that he tried to give you the ones but you put your foot down & got what you deserved!
    I should be starting my period soon too! My calendar says tomorrow ugh.
    We’re always here when you need to rant, Julie!! ♡

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