Books this week

I have finished reading Master the Day AND My Big Fat…Fat.

Master The Day by Alexander Heyne gives you the tools to get your life in order whether it is to lose weight, start your own business, make more money, whatever your goals are. Very simple things like changing your habits, mini goals and not HUGE goals (instead of saying I need to lose 100 pounds, say I will lose 10 pounds or I will quit drinking soda. Keep going from there!

Favorite line in book on page 13:

You already know what you need to eat, what exercises to do, what tiny habits to ingrain, but you just aren’t doing them.

Isn’t that the truth??? The book makes a ton of sense and changing tiny daily habits is SO much easier than looking at the full picture! So I made a tiny habit form for this week.

None of these can hurt me or my chances of success. He suggests not counting calories but I don’t think I can do that. He also suggests picking the plan that works for you and just keep doing it, even if you have a day off and eat 5,000 calories, go right back to it! He is on YouTube and Instagram and I’m sure he’s on twitter and Facebook as well, I’m just not. 😀

Great book. On Amazon.

Now Samantha Dee! I throughly enjoyed your book! Your take on diet plans is the absolute funniest I have read in a LONG time! Your experience with Slimfast on page 139 was so on point. “The only trouble seems to be that, in between leaving my house and arriving at my desk, I will swing by a petrol station and pick up a chocolate bar and a massive latte with hazelnut syrup.”

What I found interesting is that you and Alexander Heyne have the same ideas. Work on the MIND and the body will follow. How funny that the 2 books I decide to actually purchase say the same thing???

I had to let you know how much I enjoyed this. I was able to read it in just a couple of hours since it kept me entertained throughout. When I am feeling down about this whole process of changing my lifestyle to be healthier, I am sure I will be reading this again.

On Amazon. Go check it out if you haven’t! She’s a blogger on WordPress too so follow her for more funniness!

I hope you had a great weekend.

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