Meal prep Sunday!

I LOVE Allrecipes!!! I find pretty much anything I want to make. If you cook, you should use this app. I included the names of whomever posted these recipes so they won’t think I’m stealing them to post online.

I am cooking today for the week. I’ll have breakfast, lunches, and dinners all made. It will be the same things daily and that doesn’t bother me. Now, if my family eats these too, I’ll have to cook again this week. Let’s hope they do since eating at home is much cheaper and better for you!

Now… on to what I’m making today.

Not too hard and not many ingredients. I’ve already been to the store and taking an animal (scratching and petting them) break before I wash my hands and get started. I also have to make my sons biscuits since that’s what he likes in the mornings. 😀

I hope you are having a great Sunday!

12 thoughts on “Meal prep Sunday!

  1. The cupcake like meatloaves need to be watched VERY carefully. I pretty much ruined mine when making them because I didn’t. They cook fast and the pan was a pain for me to clean. (am sure you have made them by now and you probably found it easy!)
    I use this site often. I find the reviews are darn helpful!!!

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  2. Umm great post but let’s face it you had me at meatloaf muffins and baked thighs are you kidding me? I’m making this Thank you!

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  3. I always ask my bf to make meatloaf muffins and he asks me “why can’t we just make regular meatloaf and mashed potatoes?” Lol and I tell him you always make them I wanna try 😂

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