Oh my Saturday!

Started out well. Woke up, blogged, showered, dressed, went to pick up Mr. 95 year old. From there, craziness!

First, Mr. 95 year old decided that I should take him to get his nails cut after his hair appointment. So we had to drive down to the freeway and then they couldn’t see him for 30 minutes! This woman finally starts on his feet at 11:30. Note that my son has to be at therapy at 1pm. He KNOWS my son has an appointment and sees it’s 12:20pm and just tells the lady to stop, that he’s done. At 12:20!!! I still had to take him home and get paid (he tipped me – he’s awesome), go pick up my son at home, and get to the therapist by 1pm!

I didn’t speed – too many cops everywhere – I did take all available shortcuts my brain could think of though! I got him home and was able to pick my son up at 12:50. We made it to the therapist at 12:58. Holy crap that was close! While my son was in therapy, I walked over and got lunch. Grilled cheese for him and a kids burger for me from Beck’s Prime. I did not eat the bread, just the patty and cheddar cheese slice they put on it. Yummy!

When he got out of therapy, we drove over to the salon where most of my clients go and the young, cute stylist cut his hair how he wanted it and showed him how to make it “smooth.” My son is very happy now and actually told me that he will go get it trimmed every 6 weeks as long as this guy does it. I believe it’s because the guy likes anime like my son does. But tell me, doesn’t his hair look like Harry Styles from One Direction???

We finally get home at 5pm. My phone is at 10% so I needed to charge it before I went anywhere. So I plugged it in until 5:45 and walked the dog with my son who complained the entire time that the wind would mess up his hair.

I finally walked to the gym arriving at 6:05pm and they close at 7. I got on the treadmill because I really wanted to see if I could run yet on my foot. I walked for 3 minutes and ran for 30 seconds over and over for a total of 30 minutes on the treadmill. I’m so excited! I did it! I ran!

I made my Instagram public and created a Facebook page to go with it (god help me) and I also figured out how to do a “story” on there. Yes, I’m old, get over it. It takes me a bit to figure out online stuff these days! At least I’m not like my mother that still can’t figure stuff out years after she’s been on it or used it (like her phone).

I ate and was able to see that I only had 5 calories left at 9pm. Good thing I was about to go to bed, right??? So that was yesterday. Today is church and relax day so I might be a bit bored. If I am, I may end up at the gym later. It’s an obsession I tell you! The endorphins are making me! I’m addicted! 😂

Hugs friends! Have a great Sunday!

15 thoughts on “Oh my Saturday!

  1. Damn your sons hair looks awesome! I want that guy to style mine too! :O And wahey, anime rocks. Way to go with running again, I’m not sure I read that you hurt your foot but I’m glad it’s recovering. Are you going to share your Instagram?

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  2. I WISH I could get addicted to exercise! I suck at it! And your sons haircut is adorable! And yeah I can do see Harry Styles look! And yay for running! Sounds like your day overall was a success. It IS Sunday so take a load off! Great post!

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  3. Sounds stressful getting your son to therapy! I allow my youth/young adult clients to show up late, but am very firm they will be billed for the complete 50minute session and no time will be added on. This has taught a lot of them time management and boundaries 🙂 . I also love your son haircut

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    1. Thank you! I was raised with the motto, “If you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late” so I do my damndest to be places on time. It’s fully ingrained in me and it’s a good one!
      He loves it too, thanks!

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      1. That’s a good motto and most of my clients make it on time because the parents are picking up the tab…lol. I am glad he has found someone he can talk to 🙂

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