He likes them!

In the car on the way to the dentist:

They had a sign with his name but he didn’t want a picture of it.

Now with braces:

I’m so proud of him for not even fighting a little bit!

The orthodontist said his jaw hasn’t gotten as wide as it needs to be to let his teeth come in so we have to turn his jaw extender each day for another 18 days. Poor kid! The best part is that she put him on a cold liquid diet for the rest of today and through tomorrow. I know he is not complaining about all the ice cream he can eat!

I’m still sick so not working out again today. Better to get better first and then be able to hit it and not have to worry about a relapse. So I will just be hanging out here in bed watching Netflix and maybe taking another nap. I didn’t go to sleep until 4:30am and woke up at 7:30am this morning so I’m a bit tired.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

21 thoughts on “Braces!

  1. Congratulation on this epic rite of passage

    May I share my own experience, from my book-in-progress?

    “For a boy who had always liked school, despite chronic difficulty waking, seventh grade was a nightmare. It was easily the worst school experience I ever had—as it was for nearly everyone to whom I have spoken about it.

    One afternoon, almost certainly in the fall of 1978, I was called out of English class. Reporting to the principal’s office, I was told I had an appointment at a nearby dentist’s office. Confused and more than a little grumpy, I walked the half block down Darby Road to the offices of Dr. Warren S. Graboyes, DDS.

    Thus did my mother brilliantly contrive for me to get braces while avoiding any argument or protest from me.

    Whether my 40-year-old separated mother chose Dr. Graboyes because of his reputation or because she had a crush on the handsome (married with two sons) 36-year-old orthodontist is irrelevant. The disturbing irony exists either way.

    In October 1990, Dr. Graboyes—also known as “Dr. Touchy”—was arrested following accusations by his young female patients of inappropriate touching, rubbing and hugging while being treated in his dentist’s chair. The following April, he pled guilty “to one count of indecent assault on a 17-year-old girl.” On June 3, Delaware County (PA) Judge Melvin Levy sentenced him to four years of probation and the loss of his license; Graboyes had already spent one month in a “hospital for sex offenders” and sold his practices. The leniency of the sentence (he could have spent five years in prison and been fined $10,000) resulted from the testimony of two psychologists that Graboyes suffered from “frotteurism,” or recurrent sexual urges and fantasies involving touching and rubbing against a non-consenting person.

    Graboyes eventually confessed to molesting more than 200 women, most of them teenagers, over a 19 year period, although the expiration of the statute of limitations for these assaults prevented him from being convicted of any of them.

    But the story gets even stranger.

    In April 1992, Graboyes sued the General American Life Insurance Company (GALIC) for $1 million ($5,000 a month for life plus $50,000 in compensation and lawyers’ fees) in disability payments based upon his “diagnosis” of frotteurism. In other words, he was arguing that he lost his license to practice orthodontia because of his disease . Interestingly, GALIC had initially awarded Dr. Graboyes $10,000 in disability payments before demanding that he return the payments, arguing he lost his practice not because of mental illness but because he was a convicted criminal.

    Suffice it to say that on December 13, 1995, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit settled the suit in favor of GALIC.”

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    1. Wow. I’m glad he was convicted, even if it wasn’t enough. I feel blessed that my son is going to a place that I know the people well and he has a female orthodontist. I have been friends with my dentist there for 4 years now and he was a friend of a friend before that.
      I hope the rest of your braces experience was okay. I know that braces didn’t help me in the long run as my wisdom teeth started coming in at 18 and pushed the teeth in ruining all the 4 years I wore braces.

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