What a day

So I am definitely sick. I pretty much stayed in bed today. I walked the dog a few times, I watched the latest season of Bates Motel, and checked Instagram way too often. I remember walking the dog around 4pm and checking the mail. I then turned on a video from fatgirlfedup and then somehow woke up at 10:30pm! Oops! So I finished the last season of Bates Motel (totally freaky by the way) and now at 1am I am watching Everything Sucks which is a teen show on Netflix but it’s alright.

My son and I both have dentist appointments at 11am. I hope I can go back to sleep soon. My son is getting braces. I’m having my teeth relined. I’m excited for both of us. Before the dentist, we are going to the chiropractor. I guess I need to wear a face mask. I had a fever earlier of 99.4 (very low fever). Mr. 95 year old wants me to drive him at 6pm too. Not really looking forward to that because I like him and don’t want to get him sick. We will see how I feel. If I’m still sick, I may have to cancel. I cancelled today. Everything I was supposed to do. I need to get better first and not be around elderly people until I’m better.

Anywho, have a great day! I’ll post later with pics!

23 thoughts on “What a day

  1. That really does sound like a tough call in your job. Its bad enough weighing up whether you’re too sick and will get colleagues sick but when they’re elderly it just really be a concern! Feel better soon! And damn I need to watch Bates motel. Not seen since S1!!

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    1. Yeah, people my age get sick and we get over it. Kids and seniors get sick, it’s a major concern!
      It was really good. I think this was the last season (at least based on what happens and I won’t spoil it).

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  2. Does your son get mad that YOU can go out with a bit of a fever, but he couldn’t?????
    Be safe out there, keep yourself as healthy (and those around you!) as you can.

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  3. I was only ever able to watch a couple episodes of Bates motel… it’s so extremely unsettling to me lol. I really hope you feel better hon. Get as much rest as you need.

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  4. I’ve never watched Bates Motel but I heard it’s really good and I got to drive through the set of it when I was at Universal Studios. I did watch Everything Sucks! too and yeah, it’s childish but cute, lol. Hope you feel better soon! I think it’s best that you stay away from the elderly, too. 🙂

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