Oh wow

I just made a HUGE realization!

As of this morning, I have lost exactly 200 pounds since I had my gastro-plasty surgery in 1997. So 21 years later, I have lost the amount of weight of a full grown man plus some.

I have lots more to go and from being sick, I am just hoping to keep this pound gone this week. I can work out when I’m not sick. I will get to where I want to be this year. I will just concentrate on one pound at a time.

You can see that my surgery is not performed anymore due to what they call better surgeries now. I am not sure I agree. If I had kept eating so much, I would have made my pouch huge and gained my weight back. I know plenty of people that did. I never did. I refuse to get that big ever again.

Today’s is women’s day and I’m proud to be a woman today and every day. I am a woman, a mom, a daughter, and a sister. I will get better and will not let this illness get me down or make me eat junk all day.

23 thoughts on “Oh wow

  1. happy women’s day – you are a credit to your gender! and you have posted that pic again, thank you; i couldnt remember where i had seen it before. i used the slogan to close my last post. now i have put the link to that reference in properly. thank you for keeping it real. xx

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  2. Congrats on your incredible achievement! At what point can you mail tian and nit worry about every ounce? Or is it like alcoholism, being overweight is a disease and we are always in recovery from it?

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