Thursday sick day

It’s supposed to be throwback Thursday but oh well.

Still feel yucky. I am a little better after yesterday’s stomach issues all afternoon and evening. I only ate 1000 calories because it kept just, well, I won’t go into details. Just know I couldn’t keep anything down. I’m eating toast this morning and we will see how that goes. I think Thursday’s are my best weigh day. I only weigh 206 this morning and that’s down what? 1.4 pounds? I’ll take it!

Today my son goes to school with his blue braces. He’s not excited but too bad, he’s got to go. I’m staying home again. I honestly don’t care anymore. I just want to be better so I can go back to working out. Again, I know. What the hell body? Since November, I have dealt with pinched nerves in my feet, injuring my back somehow, and have been sick twice. Is that enough? Can I get on with this please? It’s only 34 pounds for gods sake!

I started watching this Skin Tight show on TLC. It’s gross and looks painful to recover from. I may just have to eventually find someone that will love me with all this excess skin. I probably have 20 pounds of skin but the cost and the pain just aren’t worth it to me. I completely understand these people though! MAYBE if this tv show would pay for it, I would do it. πŸ˜‚

Hugs everyone! Have a great day! I’m going to be online off and on whenever I’m bored. Hehehe

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