Frustrating day

Oh man was yesterday frustrating! The husband of the couple called me but I couldn’t take them anywhere. My son needed his ice cream shake for lunch and boy was that a mess. Plus I totally forgot about the cold liquid diet in the morning!

I made my son biscuits for breakfast that he usually likes. Oops. He ate them. Double oops! We both forgot he wasn’t supposed to eat food again yesterday! After he ate them he told me how difficult it was for him aN that’s when it hit me. Talk about a face palm moment! I remembered at 11:20 that he needed to eat ice cream for lunch. I rush over to the ice cream shop Marble Slab and they didn’t open until 11:30. They made me wait until 11:30 just to tell me that the manager was running late and wouldn’t be there until 12and they can’t ring me up unless he’s there. WTH? So I raced down the street about half a mile to Baskin Robbins. They had opened at 11. I should have gone there instead but my son wanted Marble Slab. So I get his shake and have 3 minutes to drive the 3 miles to his school. I start racing down the street until the turn for the street up to his school. They have the entire street blocked off for construction!!! Shit! So I go to the next light and am racing down that street (I’m sure all the other cars were freaking out at the Toyota weaving through cars going 50 miles per hour in a 30). 11:45 he calls me from the front desk. I tell him this story. His response? “So when will you be here?” OMG child! I’m trying! I tell him 3 minutes and I get there in 2. Then I am trying to open the wrong door (high security at his school which I’m okay with). He is sitting in a chair just waiting. I finally get buzzed in and give him his shake and off he goes back to lunch. Whew!

I get back home and was bored out of my mind so decided to take a walk (must have been left over adrenaline). NOT fast or anything, a 20 minute mile. What I didn’t expect was for my watch to not track the exercise since I usually get my heart rate much higher than the 117 (average of 111) I was getting on this walk. So I was pissed about that.

I took these after my walk to ask my friend that has the watch about it and he tells me that since I’m getting in better shape that the watch wants me to do more so it doesn’t count. How stupid is that??? I’ve been sick all week. I need to start back slow! Well, I guess I shouldn’t have gone at all.


Last night I ate and then was in the bathroom for an hour. Food was going straight through me again. Lots of phlegm draining down the back of my throat too so I’m sure you know how happy I was to be me last night. 🙄 Now i dont know if it was the excitement or the exercise or I’m just not well yet. It sucked though!

Okay, safe to read again.

My mother also wanted me to climb up in the attic and count how many tubs and boxes she has up there so I just waited for my son and had him go up because when ill, a person should not be climbing around an attic! So it’s not too accurate since he didn’t want to go in the back of the attic which is dark. I can’t say I blame him. But at least we did what she asked for the most part!

I told Styled that I can’t take her today. I think she was happy about that. At least I gave her notice! I told her yesterday morning so she could cancel her hair appointment or make other plans. I have to go to the dentist again this morning (recheck from the other day) and then the chiropractor. I may not be going depending on how I feel in an hour when I take my son to school. We shall see!

Next week is spring break here in Houston. We have no plans. All of my sons friends are going out of town and we are broke. That’s fine with him too. I am going to drag him to see A Wrinkle in Time after school today. I don’t know why but I want to see it. It may suck the way it’s been over hyped in the media but I haven’t been to a movie with my son in years now so I want to go with him. He’s not happy. He told me when I told him we are going, “Really mom? A fantasy movie?” I’m like yes! If I can stand to watch your anime, you can go with me! Geez! Tween kids!

I’ve been watching that Skin Tight show on TLC all day. Why am I still watching? No clue. I think really its to see what people’s excess skin looks like and compare to what I have. I need to get back on Netflix, it’s better and happier!

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend. I’ll be writing!

14 thoughts on “Frustrating day

  1. Hang in there you are doing great and I know it’s not easy being a parent but you are the best! He is so blessed to have you care so very much

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  2. Your son has the best mom ever! I can’t believe you were able to get him his milkshake on time for lunch! & that sucks that your watch didn’t track your walk!
    Hope you’re feeling better, Julie. ♡

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