Movie review

A Wrinkle in Time

So it’s fantasy. We all know this from watching the previews. I thought it was okay. Chris Pine does a great job as usual (I’m a fan).

Oprah is Mrs. Which (or witch – I couldn’t tell the difference). The way she was bigger than everybody else just made me think that she told them she would only be in the movie if her part was larger than the others (get it?)

Reese Witherspoon was really ditzy in this movie as Mrs. whatsit. I usually love her acting! I was not happy with the portrayal of her character.

Mindy Kaling as Mrs. Who. It wasn’t much of a part. Mostly spoke in quotes when she spoke at all. Seemed a bit pointless other than the gift she gave.

The kids were totes adorbes! My son decided that he was like the cute boy in this film version which I thought was very cute. He looked lost which is probably what he should have looked like. There was a part of the movie where he looks passed out but nobody paid any attention to him. The little kid who was supposed to be 4 and obviously wasn’t was a bit over the top. The girl was perfect for her part.

Zach Galifianakis has a small silly roll but it was a necessity in the movie as it wouldn’t have gone anywhere without that part.

My sons statement: This sucks. Girl is supposed to be ugly with a missing parent. She gets bullied at school. She has a smarter little brother. She gets to be with the most handsome kid from school. She wins over evil. Too cliche. 😂

All and all, NOT worth the $20 spent for both of us at a matinee movie. I should have waited until it came out on Netflix.

24 thoughts on “Movie review

  1. Is that a remake? I recall seeing that movie years ago, or at least I think I did. That is also one of my favorite books while growing up.

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  2. The book is wonderful and beautiful so I am unlikely to watch it for fear that it might be ruined. The characters sound about right in spirit but the portrayal by the actors may not have been so great. That risk is part of why I don’t want to go see it. The movie that plays in my head when I read it was perfectly cast so I will stick with that.

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  3. I know this book by heart. We’ve got an old version of it on tape read by Madeline L Engle. I loved each one of the stories she created around this family. Meg is not ugly-she perceives herself to be so. (like so many young teen girls!)
    I was mad when Roald Dahl’s book The BFG was made into a movie not many went to. It was almost perfect in recreation of the book. Very few do that well.

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  4. I have to say this movie wasn’t on my list and I echo your sons sentiments. BFG, I is on Netflixs and it’s a cute film I think it would have done better in the box office if they had changed the title or just called it Big Friendly Giant…

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  5. I loved the first version, and my fiance and I both really love the book. It makes me sad that this movie doesn’t seem to be up to snuff.

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      1. Here’s hoping. My problem is that I read somewhere they worked really hard to take any mention of God out of the movie. Those beliefs were integral to the book.

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