Foot issues

Major question for everyone:

I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. I have options of what to do.

1. Have electric therapy (NMES) to maybe fix the nerves in the feet.

2. Have surgery and hope it doesn’t come back or cause other issues.

3. Do nothing and maybe have major issues later on.

I can figure out how to pay for whatever I do. I’m nervous that the NMES won’t work and worries that surgery will put me down so long that I can’t work and maybe have to have other surgeries later too.

This is a very difficult situation and thought I would ask for opinions from the people I have shared everything with.

Thanks! Please comment!

31 thoughts on “Foot issues

  1. Wow! I think you should get a second opinion first just to be sure and then I would do what feels right to you. For me, I always want surgery as a last resort and most doctors usually don’t want that unless there is no choice. Did you just find this out or you have known for awhile?

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      1. I think you should try what you think is beat I hope your feeling o.k about this news and it doesn’t make you upset. You deserve to be happy and stress-free.

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  2. I searched the Internet and here is what I found : “Iarsal tunnel syndrome can be managed or cured with a wide variety of treatment options, but regardless of what the underlying condition is, it’s essential to get early treatment to prevent permanent nerve damage.”

    The rest is here

    Some of the treatments seem quite harmless !! … Doon’t panic !!! … Have a nice … FRIDAY !!!

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    1. Thanks, I saw that too. Not sure what I’m going to do yet but the first option of rest is definitely out of the question. I think he chose the NMES is because he knows I won’t slow down. 😀

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  3. Take care Julie and I am sorry for you to be in this situation. I feel you – me with my thumb and you with your tarsal tunnel syndrome. I had carpal tunnel syndrome and had surgery to release both hands. Blessings and whatever decision you make, the doctor must assure you that there is no permanent root nerve damage as nerves take a heck of a long time to regenerate and heal.

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      1. Yes it did. I did one hand after the other and stitches out in 8 to 10 days. Wore a brace after that and within a month full mobility. It was painful after the initial 10 days. Hard to dress up and drive. I drove after 3 weeks (auto car) to allow my hands to use the steering wheel properly

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  4. So sorry to hear about your foot problems, Julie!

    My first recourse would be to check with my Chiropractor. Yours sounds to be a dedicated Healer, like mine is. My Chiropractor cured my back problem, Scoliosis, which had caused excruciating pain in various parts of the body. Other Doctors wanted to do surgery for these – lower back, knees, hips, feet and hands. The problems stemmed from pressure on the nerves radiating from the spinal column. He used Acupressure along with the spinal adjustments. It took awhile but I had no huge expense, had no down time and needed no medications during the course of treatment. Otherwise, if your Chiropractor says he cannot help with it, I would choose the NMES. Surgery would be my very last resort!

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope it all works out well for you! Love and Blessings. 🤗💕Betty

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  5. Doing nothing is not an option, in my book (says the man ignoring the pain in his left shoulder). One of our favorite household pearls of wisdom is “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

    If you are getting treated, I would argue for the surgery. Better to fix it all now.

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  6. Hi Julie-
    I’m just following because I’m interested in your story. I have CMT type 1A which is a form of Hereditary Neuropathy. My feet and claves are horrible. Drop foot, loss of feeling, toes have hammered and no longer function. I have not done anything as far a surgery or NMES is concerned.

    I’m hoping you find some relief. Foot issues are terrible.

    My best-

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    1. I’m happy to have you Kevin!
      I’m doing a neuropathy treatment, not NMES and I pray to not need surgery.
      Are you in Houston by any chance? This podiatrist is the best.


      1. Let’s see if I can type this and actually spell correctly, unlike my first comment!

        I’m a Maine native. Which in itself is a struggle. No experts up here. We’re so rural and unpopulated that Doctors just aren’t familiar with it.

        If I continue to deteriorate then traveling may be my only option.

        Please keep me posted! I seem to have adapted my life to my feet but my condition has spread and is now affecting my forearms and hands. You should see me hen peck this keyboard! My hands are a serious issue for me. So what if I can’t run fast, but if I can’t use my hands then my life will be upside down.

        Good luck and much love!

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      2. Maine is so beautiful!
        Boston should have some good ones too and that’s not too far.
        I love to walk so I cannot imagine what you are going through. Mine is nothing comparable.
        I didn’t realize it would spread, that must be an awful feeling!
        Today, he gave me 4 infections in my legs and then a 20 minute electrode treatment. My toes are still numb and I was told that’s normal for a while after the infections. No fun!

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      3. Spring is here and what a relief it is up here!

        I hope you’re starting to get some relief from your treatments. I’m very interested in your results and I wish you the very best!


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