Saturday and goals πŸ˜€

What a good day! First I want to talk to you guys about my goals and I hope you will share yours in the comments.

Weight goals: I have mini goals. For March, I wanted to lose 5 pounds. I’ve lost 1.4 and it’s halfway through the month. That’s still about 1/2 a pound a week so I’m okay with that. Will I get to my goal? I don’t know! Is it okay if I don’t hit that goal? Definitely! At the end of November 2017, I weighed 221.8. Yesterday on my weekly weigh day, I was 206. You will NOT hear me complain. I have come too far to quit. By my birthday, I want to weigh in the 100’s. I don’t care if I am at 199, as long as I am there by the end of June (my birthday is on the 27th). That’s still 3 months away and that would only be a loss of 2 pounds per month. I should crush that goal!

Another goal is measurements. I want to be in a size large instead of extra large soon. I will have to lose enough inches to do that. 10 maybe? It’s definitely doable. I mean come on! In November I was wearing a 2X shirt and after 4 months, I’m in a 1X! So I know I can do this. How many do I actually need to lose? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. I will know how I’m doing when I can put on a large and it fits like the extra large does now, comfortable and not tight at all.

Another goal is food. This is my hardest goal. I need to drink and eat less sugar. That’s number one and I am going to work on that in April. I have (for the most part – there are days like yesterday when I felt like I needed the boost) already cut back to one energy drink a day and only have 16 left in the fridge that will be gone by the beginning of April. I am also drinking a TON more water during the day (8 today) and then having one more soda at dinner so I have cut WAY back (6 to 2 in the past 4 months). And desserts, cookies, pie, cake, etc that taste OH SO GOOD I need to cut back on as well. I say cut back because there will always be times when you go to a party and eat cake or bake cookies for an event and eat a few. I make things myself so they aren’t as bad as eating desserts out at restaurants but all that sugar is still not good! If my weekly cheat meal is a package of cookies, that is enough sugar for the whole month, not a meal!

For March, my goal was to eat more food and drink less calories. I believe I have accomplished that 16 out of 30 days (so far). Next month, I will be focusing on eating less sugar as well as drinking less.

It’s all about the tiny goals y’all. Small changes add up to big results!

Oh man yesterday was good. I woke up early and lounged around for about 3 hours after weighing myself and doing my best not to get down about the tiny weight gain. Then I got dressed, took the dog out for a walk, and then took my son to therapy. Then the gym. I’ve been at home doing Zumba for a couple of days and that’s great but I wanted to get back in the gym. Since my doctor took my insoles to be changed for the ever changing foot issues, I was worried about my feet hurting (no insoles equals flat feet while working out). That’s why I’ve been doing stuff at home. On carpet I don’t feel like I will hurt my feet nearly as bad as on machines at the gym.

So I did 30 minutes on the treadmill walking and running. Those little spikes are me running at 5mph which I am VERY proud of! I ran 8 out of 30 minutes today!!! I’ll be ready to run a 5K by summertime and that excites me. I also went into the steam room (NOT a sauna). It was too much after 30 seconds so I had to leave. I had already had 6 cups of water when I went to the gym and 2 more while working out and I was sweating for 30 minutes AFTER my workout! Yes, my feet and hips hurt a little when I left, that’s why I didn’t stay and do any other exercises.

Then I went home and watched the rest of 7 seconds. Then I watched Amanda and Jack go Glamping which was kind of stupid but after that heartbreaking show, I needed something stupid.

I decided to eat cereal for dinner. It went down way too fast and easy. That’s one of the reasons that I am stopping all this sugar. It goes down so easy and then you are hungry again in an hour or 2. That’s okay. I didn’t eat anything else, I went to bed around 1am. I took some Advil for my hip and watched movies on Netflix. I watched People Like Us and also The Gift. I loved People Like Us. It was totally different than most things out these days. Again, I LOVE Jason Bateman so The Gift was good to me. It’s a psychological thriller and I love that genre! It was either watch movies or go to the bar for beers and I didn’t want to do that.

Everyone have a great Sunday. I will be going to the gym today. Sticking to the bike though. I can’t afford to get hurt or sick again!

27 thoughts on “Saturday and goals πŸ˜€

      1. Julie, I don’t know what energy drinks you have, but monster have some brands that are zero sugar,, now they are not as potent as some of the others,I drink theses and had no problem adding any pounds from the sugar

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      2. Full of sugar and taste like Mountain Dew. If I stop drinking them, I think I don’t want to start another because I will always want to have what I like. It’s just one of the tiny changes I’m doing to change my life. πŸ˜‚

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      3. Yes,, reason I do drink few monsters sometimes just drinking water all the time, then I saw these with no sugar or all the high doses or taurine or caffeine, just enough to wake you up but not the jitters,,.its so crazy tho when I gave up the sugar how I always find myself looking at the labels now,,my old clothes are so crazy when I put them on,, like I can get two or more of me in them

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  1. I bet a lot of people think β€œI wish I started when she did, I’d be at the same level”. (That’s including me πŸ˜‰).
    Great job you’re performing!!

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  2. Wow – look at your progress! You’re clearly heading in the right direction. I’m excited for you to do your first 5K – it will be an awesome feeling for you to finish that and I know you can do it.

    I’m revising some of my goals: I had wanted to do 3 days/week each of cycling and running but I just can’t bring myself to run on the treadmill or outside when it’s barely above freezing. So starting tomorrow it’ll be 6 days/week of cycling – long rides on one day followed by shorter, rides (going for 60 min / 30 min alternating). Once the weather improves I’ll get out and run – hopefully to where I can do a half marathon by October. Starting next month, most likely, it’ll be nice enough to enjoy cycling outside also so I’ll start doing longer rides out there. By mid-summer I should be able to do multiple days in a row of 4-6 hour rides (obviously not pushing really hard 100% of the time). The nice thing about that is a ride like that burns a ridiculous amount of calories. I may burn 3000-5000 on a long ride that *must* be replaced. So instead of avoiding things like donuts and energy bars, I’m eating them and a big lunch besides. So there’s a bit of a payoff there πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work – you’re doing amazingly well!

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    1. Thanks! Wow, that sounds awesome. Burning that many calories? I’m lucky to burn 200 during a workout!
      Thanks for sharing. I would like to get to get to that point within the next year too. If I could eat and exercise and not worry about calories, that would be awesome!

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      1. It’s true – but it’s also dangerous. I’ll go on a week-long tour when I will eat whatever I want and even have to watch what I eat to make sure there’s not too much fibre or protein in it because it doesn’t digest quickly enough. Then I get home and I’m not burning 5000 calories/day but my stomach is used to supplying that. More than once I’ve gained a bit after a ride from eating like I was riding for a while afterward.

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