With the recent exploding packages in Austin, TX, I am a bit wary of this package I received in the mail today.

I didn’t order anything. I even double checked my Amazon account (I RARELY order from anywhere else) and I am definitely sure I didn’t order anything. I read online that people in Pennsylvania have had weird packages from China but I’ve never received one before. Did I mention that it’s my correct name and address on it but the phone number is not?

I did have a weird credit card issue where someone charged my card through PayPal $1.95, returned it, and then charged $11.90 from PayPal (not my PayPal either) all on the same day. I cancelled that card and changed my PayPal password just in case. Maybe this package is whatever that charge was?

And what do I do with this package? I’m sure the post office doesn’t want me to bring it there in case it’s something dangerous. I don’t want it. Gone are the days that you can get a package in the mail and be happily surprised. Sad, isn’t it?

I read the package and it says plastic ring. HUH? What is a plastic ring (a kids toy maybe?) and why would I order it? I squeezed the package a little and whatever it is, it’s wrapped well in a bunch of bubble wrap.

This is just weird and so I thought I would ask. Any thoughts??? And what should I do with it? I am DEFINITELY not going to open it!

25 thoughts on “Package?

  1. I would check with all my friends, family and relatives first, just to make sure they didn’t send anything to surprise you, or something; before throwing it away.

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  2. Can You call and track it? Maybe it will be easy to find out a place you have ordered something sent you something for buying their stuff?

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    1. No, this is from some weird company or person in China and doesn’t have anything to do with an old order. I haven’t ordered anything in a long time. But it’s gone, post office said to pitch it so I did. 😀
      Thanks 😀

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  3. That sounds like the right thing to do! Sorry I took so long I am getting my ass kicked by these stairs this morning!.lmao. Cardio up

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