With the recent exploding packages in Austin, TX, I am a bit wary of this package I received in the mail today.

I didn’t order anything. I even double checked my Amazon account (I RARELY order from anywhere else) and I am definitely sure I didn’t order anything. I read online that people in Pennsylvania have had weird packages from China but I’ve never received one before. Did I mention that it’s my correct name and address on it but the phone number is not?

I did have a weird credit card issue where someone charged my card through PayPal $1.95, returned it, and then charged $11.90 from PayPal (not my PayPal either) all on the same day. I cancelled that card and changed my PayPal password just in case. Maybe this package is whatever that charge was?

And what do I do with this package? I’m sure the post office doesn’t want me to bring it there in case it’s something dangerous. I don’t want it. Gone are the days that you can get a package in the mail and be happily surprised. Sad, isn’t it?

I read the package and it says plastic ring. HUH? What is a plastic ring (a kids toy maybe?) and why would I order it? I squeezed the package a little and whatever it is, it’s wrapped well in a bunch of bubble wrap.

This is just weird and so I thought I would ask. Any thoughts??? And what should I do with it? I am DEFINITELY not going to open it!

25 thoughts on “Package?

    1. No, this is from some weird company or person in China and doesn’t have anything to do with an old order. I haven’t ordered anything in a long time. But it’s gone, post office said to pitch it so I did. 😀
      Thanks 😀

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