Another day, another story

It was an interesting day for sure. Miss Priss was good company. She had me drive all over town to run her errands and we got a lot done in 3 hours. She didn’t mind that I bought vegetables while we were at Whole Foods either.

After 3 hours with her, I dropped her back off. I like sales so when I saw that Target was having a bedding sale, I jumped on it. I picked up a new set of sheets yesterday and oh boy, I’m in love with my bed again! 700 thread count, funky blue color that sets off the dark wood frame, and so soft and comfortable! All for $50!?! Sold! Amber likes them too, she was snuggled up under a pillow on the new sheets all night.

I then picked up my sons medication and got milk and lunch foods from HEB. I came home and had to turn around and leave pretty quick to take the couple to dinner. When I got there, I found out that they had already eaten out for lunch but still wanted to go. I let them go in to eat and I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to check out Quest products that I heard are a good snack with lots of protein. I spent $25 on snacks. 😀 I ate one and then walked around the corner to smoke and wouldn’t you know, the couple came out to the car while I was gone. Oops! It only took them 45 minutes to eat! They got in by themselves and I got there after they did. They said they hadn’t been there long but who knows. So I screwed up! Yet another reason I need to find a regular job I think.

These snacks are around 200 calories a piece so one each day as a snack is plenty although it does help me get a bit more protein in my diet which I won’t complain about. The birthday cake one was a bit too sweet for me and definitely filled me up. No sugar but overly sweet? Yes please!

My son is a trip. He asks Alexa to play 21 Pilots all the time so at any given moment as I walk by his room, I will hear Heathens. Good song but when you hear it 20 times a day, you get a bit sick of it. Not him though! He popped in my room at 9:06pm for me to turn his jaw extender and flops on my new sheets and says he’ll take them. Lol! Nope! And I’m not going to spend more either. He can have my 600 thread count red ones.

My mother says her garbage disposal isn’t working so Godfather text me this morning to say he’s coming over. Umm, ok? Guess I better get dressed quick!

-Skip 2 hours-

There was a screw in the disposal. It’s not broken. Thank goodness! Godfather also helped get all the paint that was in our garage out to my moms van to take to the recycling plant and he took all these tools that I told him he could have once we found them. That’s fine and I am with Cranky to take her to the dentist. I have this and taking Mr. 95 year old to dinner tonight. I should have plenty of time to go to the gym which I didn’t do yesterday.

I did 10 minutes of arm weight exercises instead of the gym. My calories were great so I’ll be fine. No big deal.

So that’s enough for me today. I am going to do my best to go to the gym since I have been skipping it lately. At least I’m still exercising at home!

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