This guy hurt/killed 5 people here in Texas. Why do people do this stuff???

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      1. If you can stand our high heat all year round with high humidity levels. Upside is fantastic food, safe to walk in Singapore even in the wee hours of the morning and we are a ‘fine city’ 😉Break rules or laws, we get fined haha!

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      2. We love and treasure our safety too. We have been primed by our government to be alert to suspicious activity and report it. We too cannot take safety for granted and become complacent. I thought Texas is dry heat and less humid. A lot of foreigners love Singapore 😊💕💕I only know Texas through JR Ewing of Dallas series haha!

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  1. Is a killer born or made like that?
    I’ve bewn watching and reading a lot about this topic. I personally don’t think anyone is born insane. Situations, peope, media can be large triggers for people.
    Have you seen Mindhunters on netflix?

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    1. I couldn’t get into that one. I don’t think they are born that way, I think how they grow up and what kind of friends they have, and sometimes religion will make them that way.


  2. Earlier on in my marriage to the fine man I ‘m still fortunate enough to have, there was a similar situation where someone killed a large number of children in a school shooting. It really upset me and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I told my husband about how I was feeling, ending up with, “I am trying so hard, but I just can’t understand it!” His response was, “And you never will, because he was insane.” That simple sentence has helped me so much in coping with the shock of such news. They are mentally ill and even they probably don’t know what motivates them, so how could any one else?

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