Friday, here again

First off, the couple canceled on me yesterday because he didn’t feel good. So it was an unintended day off. I started marinating the brisket which I will cook overnight tonight and made burgers.I also did arm weights since my foot was hurting yesterday.

I hit right under my calorie goal for the day and drank water last night instead of eating more.

After all that standing on my feet to cook, I had to take my shoes off and get off my right foot. So I ended up being a little lazy. I did do 3 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, and talked to my mother. When my son got out of school, I made him come home and clean his room which he actually did for the most part! He also did his clothes laundry which was really needed. Tomorrow or Saturday I will need to get dishes done too. Nobody helps me much around here.

I take care of the dishes, laundry (mine as well as sheets and towels), cooking, shopping, and cleaning up around the house between the times that my moms maid that comes to do the floors and bathrooms once every month. If my mom would take care of herself more, I don’t feel like I would have to do so much. She seems to expect me to and gives me grief if it’s not done in her schedule. That’s pretty much all that frustrates me about living with her. She has high blood pressure and diabetes but if you listen to her, she’s perfectly healthy and doesn’t need to check her sugar or take blood pressure medication.

So that’s my bitch session for the day. Thanks for listening. Having my best friends live hundreds of miles away, I don’t get a chance to hang out with the girls much and just vent. B is great when he’s not dating yet another woman. He tries but for some reason, he’s like me, we can’t find a good person to save our lives! I’m happy being single, he’s not. Eventually he will find the right person for him. I just know it.

Twice this week I have woken up on time or early to the sound of knocking. The entire house is sound asleep too. I don’t know what in the world that means but I’m up early!

Today, I have to take Styled to get her hair done and then take her to the doctor because she has been so confused lately and not eating. We (her step daughter and I) think there must be something going on so we are taking her in. Then I should be going to the couples house to do what I was supposed to do yesterday. I hope he’s feeling better so I can take him.

I hope everyone has a productive happy Friday!

22 thoughts on “Friday, here again

  1. Great work around the house, it stinks you have to do all of it but I’m proud of ya! You need to relax and get some rest maybe a nice visit to the park or beach I see the weather is getting better down there! Don’t do too much and enjoy your weekend!

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      1. That’s awesome it’s going to be 60 or so here but very sunny and hey as long as the snow and stuff stay away I’m

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  2. I love how when you’re being lazy you get so much being done and when I’m being lazy I stay in the same 3 feet perimeter for 12 straight hours! Lol. Have a great weekend girl!

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  3. “So I ended up being a little lazy. I did do 3 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, and talked to my mother. “…lol if you did anymore on a Friday I would ask you to please take of your superwoman cape 🙂

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