What to say about yesterday…

I was in shock most of the day over the weight loss. I’m excited and can’t wait to push further. πŸ˜€

Instead of having my mom drop me off, I decided to walk over to go pick up my dad’s car. I visited with a few old neighbors and talked to the car owner who told me I can just take the car and she will send me the title (although I do not believe that). I saved her texts so I have proof in case it ever comes up.

I took my pictures for the end of month even though that’s not for another week. I doubt I will change much in one week.

I haven’t looked at the difference yet and I haven’t measured so that will be next week. I didn’t go over my calories so that’s always a win for me.

I did not drive to the beach. I started thinking that everyone in town may be thinking the same thing and I really hate traffic so I didn’t make the drive. Glad I didn’t when I found out they have closed a part of the freeway that I need to get down there! Can you just imagine that traffic? With 2.3 million people in the city of Houston in 627 square miles, traffic is a constant pain and I wonder how many of those people decided to drive the 50 miles to go to the beach yesterday on a perfect day? Not sure I want to know! I got my exercise in my walking to the old apartment so that was good enough for me.

I talked on the phone, I watched Netflix, I played games on my phone, walked the dog, and I dealt with my son. I had to take him to the psychologist yesterday and even though he knows he can’t hang out with friends this weekend because of his 73 in his best subject, he keeps asking. A 73 when he usually has all 100’s? Yeah, there’s something wrong with this picture. So I am making him study this weekend. He has ended up talking to his friends on the phone and watching anime. I asked if I need to take that away for him to study and he looks at me and says probably. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He also hung out in my room for a bit and let Amber lick him all over.

I love my 2 kids (1 human kid and 1 canine kid) and love seeing them loving on each other like that!

Today – absolutely nothing to do today. I love that. I fell asleep watching Netflix around 10:30pm and didn’t wake up until 7am so I’m happy. One of my neighbors is studying foot reflexology and wants me to be a guinea pig and I figure why not so I will go to her house this afternoon to check that out. Thank goodness I have nice feet! πŸ˜€

I will probably go to the gym as well. I need the motivation. A couple of people have started to notice my weight loss and that’s nice. I guess it’s not dramatic enough yet for people to say WOW. That’s okay. It’s coming!!! I am making it happen.

Have a great day. I hope I will!

11 thoughts on “What to say about yesterday…

  1. From my experience, the first place is where you notice it is your face and neck. It will all look slimmer and your face shows more energy.
    I totally see that in your face!!

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  2. Hopefully she sends you the title like she promised! & don’t say that not much will change in a week because you never know!! The photo of your son & Amber is too cute! 😍 The foot reflexology should be nice!

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