Dammit Monday!

I take my son to school this morning and he was fine. He calls me from his first class at 7:50am and tells me he has a headache. I told him to drink some water and keep me posted.

I get to the couples on time at 10am. I am about to walk in their door when the school phone number pops up on my phone. I answer since he had called earlier and you never know what could happen. It’s my son telling me he’s sick and he wants to throw up. Note that I thought he just didn’t want to deal with school when he had a headache but I reluctantly agree to come get him as soon as I can. I get the wife into her car after waiting for their caregiver to help her get dressed and drive her to her dentist arriving miraculously on time. After making sure she gets inside okay, I go to my sons school to pick him up. I walk in and he’s not there at the front and since they have NO school nurse, i had to deal with the front desk. I filled out the correct papers to be able to remove him from school property and another student went to get him. He comes down the stairs a few long minutes later and is white as a sheet. I feel his forehead which seems a bit clammy and put him in the wife’s car and drive him home. I grab a bottle of water, use the restroom (might as well since I’m at home), and have him take his temperature.

OMG it’s 101.1! Wasn’t this kid JUST sick a few weeks ago??? Geez! So I get him in bed and head back to the wife of the couple dentist office. She was still in the room with the dentist thankfully and was finished about 10 minutes later. I told her about my son and she was very understanding that I needed to get her home and take him to the doctor. We stopped at the bank because the husband said he needed cash and I was finally able to take her home. I told the husband when we got there that I would get her car inspected this coming Thursday when I will be there anyway for grocery shopping and he asks, “You can’t come back before then?” Here’s my thought: Well, let’s see, kid with a fever today and probably tomorrow. Also tomorrow I have my cpa coming to give me my tax forms to sign, meet with the clock company that fixed my mom’s clock and pay them when they reinstall it, and then also take you guys to dinner. Wednesday I have to see my dentist and podiatrist so NO! Now you guys know I didn’t say any of this but I SO wanted to! My kid is more important than a car inspection that isn’t even due yet! And more important than the couple are to me so yeah, I’ll be taking care of him.

So now I’m home. His doctors office said there are no appointments available but we can walk in. I really look forward to sitting there for who knows how long for him to see a doctor. The only reason I am is because headache, stomach ache, and fever all together sounds pretty bad to me. I won’t look it up on Google because I’m sure it will say he’s dying or has some incurable disease. And I don’t want to take him to urgent care because I don’t think this is life threatening and I try to never go to urgent care unless it is.

My son is asleep. I woke him when I got back and he just said UUhhhh and rolled over. I will give him another hour to sleep and then I have to take him in. He’s never sick and has already been sick once this year so I’m a bit worried.

I hope you guys are having a good day. I hope it’s nothing serious and we can relax soon!

13 thoughts on “Dammit Monday!

  1. Prayers for your son to get better and you to stay healthy. Sounds like the Flu to me..without Google. At least, you’re kicking whatever it is, right away.

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  2. Why is there no school nurse at his school? What the hell?! That seems wrong. I hope he’s feeling better soon & that nothing too serious is causing him to feel unwell. ♡

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