Sick again…

Gosh! My poor little boy hasn’t had a break this year! Also, he would HATE that I said little boy, ” I’m almost a teenager MOM”. I just feel so bad that he’s sick again!

Yesterday we went to the doctors office at 3pm because I passed out a little after 1pm and slept until 2 and then had to wake him up twice to get him to go. We did not have an appointment so it SUCKED! We didn’t get home until 7pm!

We had a very nice nurse practitioner that said he has a stomach virus and to go home and rest. Well, this morning his temperature is at 101.7. Advil didn’t work on his temperature yesterday and I’m just lucky he doesn’t throw it right back up with how he feels. So he slept from the time we got him home from school at 11am until we left at 3pm for the doctor and again from 7pm until 2am when I woke him up to check on him and again from then until 8am this morning. So he’s definitely sick!

He’s upset that he can’t go to school because he won’t get to see his friends. Sorry kiddo. No way. If he’s not better tomorrow, we are going back to a doctor. Stomach viruses are usually over pretty quick and usually don’t have a fever so this is iffy.

Today I am not working. I am going to stay and make sure my son is okay. He’s much more important! Therefore nothing much going on today other than having people here doing stuff and me working out. Sounds like a good day to me. Wish I could get paid for going to work out!

While I was napping, I was actually dreaming that I was working out. Wow. This has really become part of my life now. I’m happy about that although it is a little weird!

My exercise yesterday was arm dumbbells.

My calories once again were great because I didn’t have time to eat much and when I did have time, I wasn’t very hungry, too worried about my son.

I finally heard from the foot doctor and I start neuropathy treatment on Thursday. Eek! It will take 6 weeks to go through this process and I will have to go twice a week. If you look at it the way I am, 12 visits to not have my toes go numb while I’m working out is great!

I got attacked by some kind of bug on my hand. I don’t know what but I have multiple bites on my thumb and pointer finger. And they hurt! My thumb is swollen as well. Can you see the difference?

So now I’m off to find some bag of my mothers stuff that she thinks I threw away (I know I didn’t) and get ready for the CPA and the clock guy. Have a great day!

20 thoughts on “Sick again…

  1. Hang in there and that kinda looks like a spider bite. I’m no expert but I had one last year and it swole up kinda like that and then went down just as fast as it came. I’m no professional so I can’t be sure but whatever it is keep an eye on it and I pray you and your kiddo get better soon!

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