Measuring day!

OMG I am SO happy!!! This was an awesome month for me!!! Can April be this good too??? Please???

Chest: From 47 3/4 to 45 1/4

Waist: From 43 1/4 to 42

Hips: From 46 to 44

Weight: From 209 at the beginning of March to 199.2 today. I am in the 100’s y’all!!!! Woo hoo!!!

NOW, FINALLY, through clothes and measuring tape, I see real progress!!! I am very excited and can’t wait to keep going every single day. And I will and I hope you will be a part of it too.

I know we can all do this. We are powerful, strong, and motivated! Let’s get moving! Remember, move more and eat less calories. That doesn’t mean you have to skip your favorite foods, just incorporate them into your daily calories or make your own lower calorie option of the same thing. Or do Keto. Or do Weight Watchers. Whatever works for you, do it!

I’m a cookie freak so I get protein cookies from the Vitamin Shoppe. Now that I’m doing Keto, that would be my total carbs for a day if I eat one but maybe once a week it will be good as a treat! Point being, humans are not perfect so don’t try to be. If you go over your calories one time, it won’t kill you. If I eat too many carbs one time, I won’t die. As long as we get right back on track. That’s what matters!

This shows measurements January to today. Left row (top to bottom is the months) is chest, middle is waist, right is hips.

Hugs to all!

22 thoughts on “Measuring day!

  1. I’ve heard about apps which can convert your exercisr into money. You have to get a certain amount of steps to earn. It won’t be a lot, but anything counts πŸ˜€

    I read about Sweatcoin today. You can apparently save points for amazon purchases.

    Anyhow, youre doing great!

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