Going to be a good day (I hope)

I was sitting downstairs yesterday and saw these pictures of me that my Mom has framed all over so I took one with my grandmother and used it as a comparison with now. The original picture is from 1995.

It doesn’t even look like me! So I took a picture of a picture of me in 8th grade and I swear my chin is smaller now than it was then. Is that even possible?

Also one from my cousins wedding with my parents in 1995.

I used to hate pictures and I’m starting to like them. I love comparing pictures from back before surgery to now definitely and using picjointer to make those comparisons.

Yesterday I took an actual rest day. The gym was closed for Easter so I did not exercise (I did do arm exercises with 5 lb dumbbells for a whopping 15 minutes) plus I ate a ton of carbs and went WAY over my calories. I probably gained a few pounds too. It was my last day for carbs so I took full advantage. No big deal. I’m on keto as of this morning so I’m not concerned. I ate Girl Scout cookies and crackers and enjoyed every single carb. No guilt here! Would you feel guilty? If so, Why?

I also cooked for the week yesterday. I made chicken, boneless BBQ pork ribs, steak, and meatballs (I forgot to take pictures of them before I packed them away in the fridge other than the chicken). I bought lettuce and celery on Saturday so I will have more vegetables and fiber with all this meat (peanut butter or cream cheese in celery…YUM). I also bought LaCroix water. I haven’t tried it yet other than berry flavored and it was pretty good. Do you guys like it?

I have to go back to the podiatrist for my 2nd appointment of therapy and get shots this morning. My toes have been tingling since the first treatment. I think I remember her saying that’s normal and a good thing. I need to ask if I can go to the gym after a treatment. When I don’t exercise, I feel like I am really in need of going, it’s like an itch. I am taking my vitamins with me so they can compare theirs with mine too. They are supposed to be making sure I can take them with my stomach surgery. Then I can come home for a little bit and then might have to take the husband of the couple to the doctor. He called last night telling me he’s been sick and needs to go to the doctor. At 87 years old, he really does need to get right in to see the guy. I hope the doctor says it’s okay.

Miss Priss sent my son a thank you note with a $5 check inside for finding her sunglasses in my car. That was really sweet! He wants to cash it. I told him I would deposit it and he freaked out until I told him I would give him the cash. So silly.

I will be going to Starbucks after I drop my son off at school for an espresso shot for some caffeine. Maybe one shot of that will keep the caffeine withdrawal headache away. I’m glad I used last month to up my water intake. Now I’m used to drinking 8-10 cups a day so that’s a good amount and will help me not have keto flu or such a bad caffeine withdrawal headache.

I watched Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away on Netflix yesterday. Does this happen here? Do we have bailiffs go to peoples homes in the states? I’ve never seen anything like this. And they can make you claim bankruptcy? Wow. I also watched a couple episodes of a Secret Shopper show in the UK. It was really neat! My friends in the UK, let me know if you’ve had to deal with this.

I didn’t go to sleep until around 11pm. Up at 5:30 like usual. I hope everyone has a great Monday. Motivational Monday coming later!

17 thoughts on “Going to be a good day (I hope)

  1. Well, it looks like your off and ready to take on this Monday! I love the pictures you have come such a long way and you should be proud of yourself! A little tip when you order from Starbucks they have sugar free syrups and stuff and you can ask that they use that If you need some flavor! I haven’t tried La Croix yet but I hear great things! Enjoy Keto and remember you’re doing higher fat way of eating not high protein homie so make sure you have some extra virgin olive oil or some butter and some coconut oil and such around. Check Pinterest out for fat bomb recipes if you start to get bored and also you can enjoy some amazing green smoothies if you need to mix it up! Google MCT oil which goes amazing with smoothies/coffee it’s tasteless and odorless but is an amazing fat source!

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      1. I know it seems really weird because we have always been taught that fat is bad but I promise you that it really will help. You don’t have to spend a ton of money at all just start off cooking with butter and choosing meats with a little more fat. You can also get healthy fats from seeds and almonds and stuff just be careful because some have a high carb count but not all. The cool thing is a tablespoon of butter and healthy fats have so many calories that you don’t have to use a ton but it will help you not to be hungry as much. Think of it like this..Protein is something you need to hit, carbs are something you need to stay under, fat is something that you use to keep you full and make up the bulk of your calories. If you don’t want too much fat you don’t have to go crazy at all just be aware that you are trying to get healthy fats and then google away like I did. Just be careful about buying a lot of stuff you don’t really need, most things you can find locally or Amazon but you don’t need a lot of stuff with Keto and people will try to sell you lot’s of things but it’s not always necessary.

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  2. I agree that your chin does look smaller now, it is possible!! That chicken looks fantastic! I’m not a fan of that la Croix water but glad you’re enjoying it! 😄
    Lol how sweet that she wrote him a $5 check! Your son is so funny. 😂

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  3. I got an email about a free Keto diet book; so I guess it’s a thing, now. Good Luck.
    Your pictures and changes are awesome! It looks like you lost baby fat. Lol.
    I can understand your sons perspective. It’s his money and I’m sure he didn’t want you to just deposit it. But, it may be a good start for his own Savings Account, if he doesn’t have one. You could teach him about it.

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    1. He does have one actually. Half of the money he gets on holidays and for grades goes into it. He has more than I do in savings! Lol
      Thank you. I am amazed at the difference as well! Especially the one from junior high.
      My doctor emailed me a book on the diet too. If the doctor tells you to do it, you do it! 😀


      1. It wasn’t a personal doctor. It was some random, free product thing. I have a specific low-protein diet, I’m on for my disease.

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