Frustrated? A bit!

I was SO hoping to be where I was last Saturday at 199.2. I was really hoping! I walked 3 miles last night and did 100 sit ups (on the abdominal machine) to give me that extra push to get there and then to see this morning that I actually gained .8 pounds and now at exactly 200 pounds again is so damn frustrating!

I am following the rules of the keto plan. I am exercising. I just keep wondering if it’s because I stopped drinking soda and am now getting those calories from food. Or if it was the last carb day last Sunday where I ate way too much. Or maybe I’m not eating enough. And I’m sure SOMEBODY will say I gained muscle. 🙄 I don’t have a choice but to keep going with this keto lifestyle since it was doctors orders. It’s just very frustrating!

I was very busy yesterday. I took Styled to get her hair done and then to the store to get her groceries. I came back to the house and had lunch and walked Amber. I went to the couples house and got their car inspected and went to the store for them. I also got paid for the past 2 weeks which is good because now I can pay my sons psychologist today.

Then I thought my mom’s car was leaking oil so I took it to the same place where I got the inspection but her car was bone dry underneath. I know there’s something in our driveway so I then took my car in and low and behold, Rose was leaking through the oil filter. They tightened it and cleaned it up, and now I have no leak! They didn’t charge me anything which was very nice (they do my oil changes so basically it was their fault anyway). So I was at the shop with 3 cars yesterday! Lol

Also, the owner of the shop wants to buy my dad’s car when we get the title. He has worked on my dad’s car forever (I mean, come on, the car IS a 2001!). So that’s taken care of as well. They are really good guys. I am not a real trusting person so if I say a mechanic is good, that’s pretty amazing.

Today, my son has a friend coming over so we are having him plus the psychologist and lunch and they want this little burger joint called Beck’s Prime. The boys can eat whatever, I will eat a cheeseburger with no bun. That sounds pretty good to me about now. My snack today will be celery with peanut butter. Yummy! Breakfast is chorizo and eggs. A friend of mine said I was making them backwards and when I showed him a picture, he said never mind. That looks great! He cooks the chorizo first and I cook the egg first. Lol I haven’t figured out what dinner is yet but I will!

I may also get coffee today, then again I might not. I got a cold brew yesterday and put a squirt of stevia in it and made it too sweet where I poured it out after only having half. I think I’m past the whole caffeine addiction since I’m not craving caffeine. Why can’t sugar be that easy? 3 days and I was done! Sugar, I STILL want a soda or something sweet like a donut (I mentioned donuts to my friends so much yesterday that they are probably thinking omg Jules shut up!). I have a plan though. I may be getting some of those little butterscotch hard candies and when I am craving sugar, have one. It’s 6 carbs for one of them and basically just sugar although I think it will really help. Any thoughts?

Well peeps, it’s 8am here in Texas. I’m going to get up and make my breakfast before this day gets started. See ya!

18 thoughts on “Frustrated? A bit!

  1. Sugar is easy for me to let go of. It’s caffeine thT I can’t curve so we’re opposites on that!! Have a great Saturday! I’m sure It’ll be busy entertaining children!

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  2. I would say. Don’t micromanage it so much. THAT WILL BE frustrating! Because weight fluctuates with salt and water and things that are just temporary. Don’t torture yourself so much.

    Stick to your plan but maybe don’t check the weight so much. I fucking hate scales! lol

    Focus on something else that you feel passionate about in a good way. Keep your focus on whatever that is. COMPLETELY FORGET about TRYING to lose weight, except for following your plan.

    But make your plan about “ok i’m working out because I like to be strong and I like my muscles taut and toned, and it helps my mood” …. or “I’m eating this because it supports and nourishes my body and gives it what it needs” rather than I”m doing all this to specifically lose numbers off that scale.

    I had found a really good health plan a few months ago that focuses on the accomplishments and doesn’t micromanage or punish for backsliding – I think I just threw the article out last time I cleaned : (

    But if I can find it, I will send it to you. I really liked the concept!

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  3. cravings I know you have to be putting a veg and a protein in your body every 4 hours to keep the blood sugar straight and that cuts out the cravings for sugar. But it takes like 5 days of doing to get over the hump. The book that that comes from is the 5 day miracle diet I think.

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      1. it’s a cool book my stepmom introduced me to! and i don’t even do everything in it but i have tried just the cutting out sugar and caffiene, and making sure i eat even just something small of a veggie or fruit and a protein every four hours and girl, the energy goes through the roof!!! I didn’t need naps anymore! And my body functioned more efficiently weight wise too!

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