Selfie today

I was feeling down about the stupid weight gain so I got in the shower and then dressed like I was going out. Even wearing my compression tummy garment.

27 thoughts on “Selfie today

  1. omg you’re so beautiful, silly girl! Curves are awesome, especially on a petite girl like you! But good idea to get dressed up and do a selfie. That’s an idea I’m going to remember.Is that wallpaper behind you? It’s cool looking. Happy Saturday and you don’t even want to know what I look like at moment lmao.

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      1. you might be putting muscle weight on faster than the fat weight is coming off too. And that will straighten itself out as you go. The muscle burns more fat so you want those pounds there anyway.

        I wanted to do sponge painting but haven’t tried it yet. I love how she did the walls!

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  2. I’m having a fit because I TRIED Baskerville 2 theme out last night -not knowing that they’ve apparently gotten rid of Baskerville 1. And now I”m stuck with 2 and lost all the stuff I just set up, (some of it not all really but it feels like all) and I’ve had to reconfigure some things and I don’t like the header because it’s not as big as before and all I wanted to do in the first place was make my background blue! lmao!!!!!! omg you should have seen me last night! I’ve emailed them to ask if I can get my old one back. But fixed the new one the best I can in the meantime.

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  3. I wonder how we would feel if we did this every day. I am trying to do similar. Because I tend to be a slob and try to hide. And then I read something about how you dress in the morning also sets your intention for they day. So I”ve been trying, here and there. To do differently. Good blog post material for anyone that wants to take that subject up!

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