Sitting at the medical center

I was up at 4am. I took my shower at 5am. I was rushing to make my breakfast and get out the door at 5:44am. Yep. I brought a client to the medical center bright and early this morning. She just went back so now is my waiting time. πŸ˜• My son wanted to walk to school but it’s raining so his grandma took him. I feel bad because there are people all around me waiting to have surgeries and haven’t eaten all night and I’m sitting here eating my breakfast. 😐

Yesterday was just stupid crazy. The girl that had my dad’s car actually had the audacity to text and want the car back to sell it. Then my ex came to visit his child and parked his huge flat bed tow truck outside my house. I had eaten all the carbs I was allowed by 10am so I had to be very careful what I put in my mouth. I ended up having 22 for the day. Not bad! I had to figure out my week in food and go to the grocery store. I saw the most strange candy and I wanted to try it so bad. It was miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups stuffed with Reese’s pieces! OMG that sounded like heaven in my mouth but I didn’t buy it. My mom’s cousin wanted me to come program her tv remote. I didn’t do that. I told her I will come by this afternoon before I pick up my son at school.

Motivational Monday will be later. I took a few pictures yesterday so I am sharing those with you guys. Have a great Monday!

In order, the male cat was grooming the female cat, it was freezing in my house yesterday (what is up with the weather???), I did yoga last night to make sure I got my exercise in. My son walked in when I was doing it and I was lying on the floor and he screamed like I was dead – poor kiddo, and he was not happy with me. I told him he shouldn’t just walk into peoples rooms and if he had knocked, he would know I’m fine. He spent Saturday night at a friend’s house and this was at the park before they left. Good kids!

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