Great Monday!

I woke up at 4am and did nothing for an hour. Got up, showered, and made breakfast before I ran out the door at 5:44 to pick up a neighbor to take her to the medical center (you know this from yesterday’s blog). That all went well. I was home by 11 and was able to run errands after I dropped her off.

Calories were on point.

Exercise was great. I went to the gym at 5pm and rode the bike for 30 minutes and then used the arm machines for 30 minutes.

Today is a busy day. I have to go get the shots in my legs and the electrode treatment this morning. I have to take Cranky to her dermatologist after that. I also am supposed to take the couple to dinner although I’m not sure if they are going to go.

I filled out all the forms for my son to go to camp with the church for a week this summer. I need to turn those in today as some point.

God does answer prayers if you are patient enough to wait. After 2 months of stressing and actually looking for a job, I have 2 possible new clients. Thanks to my cousin for one and Cranky’s son for the other. We will have to wait and see how it goes if I get them but it’s a start! I still need 3-4 more but now I know that my little business will get better.

That’s it for today. I will leave you with Amber wanting some love this morning!

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